Sep 092014

This infographic shows the famous Men who will forever be remembered by their fans for their moments of magic. A goal from on, or before the half way line is a rare treat – Here is our Football’s Halfway Club. Produced by The Stonk.

Jul 072014

The PUMA evoPOWER 1 Graphics feature a Brazilian inspired colourway and the inscription “Que emocionante uma partida de futebol” on the heel which translates as “How exciting is a football match” and a quirky favela illustration on the sockliner.

The boots feature all of the technical excellence of the PUMA evoPOWER1 , PUMA’s most technical football boot yet, see below for a summary of key features:

Constructed with an innovative premium microfibre material, the soft Puma AdapLite upper bends with the foot thanks to it’s unique one way stretch to deliver maximum power while retaining it’s shape against lateral forces.

Applied underneath the AdapLite upper material, AccuFoam ensures even pressure distribution and creates a clean kicking surface to provide the evoPower 1 football boots with enhanced passing and shooting accuracy.

Strategically located in the mid-foot, the external EverFit Cage offers the perfect amount of stability without constricting the flexibility of the foot or diminishing it’s natural power.

Ensuring a bigger range of motion for the foot and less pressure on the vital Achilles area, the heel cut out with a soft collapsible insert adds to the comfort of the evoPower 1.

The Gradual Stability Frame has been designed by Puma to allow the lightweight anatomical Pebax outsole to bend in harmony with the foot and the one-way stretchable AdapLite upper.

A combination of fixed bladed and conical studs gives the evoPower 1 football boots the perfect balance of stability and manouvrability on firm ground.

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Jul 012014

Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, has been offered a job as chief meat taster.

This is a great opportunity to match his passion for biting meat with our need for expert opinion.

Jun 262014

The FATV team were in Sao Paolo for England’s game against Uruguay and caught up with this superb Brazilian/Japanese freestyle team who showed off some neat skills.

Jun 202014

Footballer Faux Pas

This year’s World Cup is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting both on the pitch and on social networks, ensuring football fans are on the ball with Brazil 2014 all around the world.

Twitter has created a timeline dedicated purely to the World Cup, which can be customised to the matches being played, so you have no excuse for missing the beautiful game. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a football commentator then this is for you- just search #worldcup and get tweeting!

But, before you get too excited at the prospect of putting all those hours you’ve spent on ‘Football Manager’ to use, have a look at this Twitter faux pas infographic and hopefully you’ll avoid the red cards (and faces) that these footballers received.

Jun 172014

If you don’t know, Remi Gaillard is one of the biggest YouTubers in the World, his videos always go viral. In celebration of the World Cup, he’s performed 32 trick shots representing the 32 teams in the tournament.

Jun 162014

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Jun 152014

Be prepared to lose dad/hubby/son this weekend as they gear up for The World Cup.
Capture your Father’s Day highlights with the Panasonic V550

Jun 122014


To kick the 2014 World Cup off, Morphsuits took football to the streets of London and flashmobbed Trafalgar Square, to predict the final score of the first of England’s matches, against Italy on Saturday 14th June.

The Morphsuit cladded entourage of English and Italian players took over the square , weaving in and out of tantalised spectators, disputing offside calls, red cards and extra time for full fanatic glory, the group of footy fans showed England’s capital how to take the party to the streets and celebrate The World Cup just days before the main event.

The Italian and English teams ran on with goal posts and took onlookers by surprise as they quickly assembled in between the fountains to kick off the match. Patriotic supporters congregated at the sidelines and kicked the ball back in to play when it went off side (outside the fountains!).

Thousands upon thousands of patriotic football fans will be proudly showing their colours to represent their home countries for the 2014 Word Cup and we cannot wait!

Watch the highlights of the match by clicking here!

Jun 082014

During the Soccer Aid match between England and the rest of the world, Olly Murs was tackled by the manager of the opposition, Jose Mourinho.

May 202014

The biggest football stadium in the world is found in North Korea with a massive 150,000 capacity. Europe’s biggest stadium is the Nou Camp which is the 5th largest in the world.

The biggest football stadium in England is Wembley, which is the 8th largest in the world, whilst the biggest club stadium in England, Manchester United’s Old Trafford, just misses out on the top 20.

With the World Cup just a few weeks away, it is interesting to note that none of the venues for those games feature in the top 20. Whilst England might not be favourites, according to World Cup betting odds, they might fancy their chances in the larger grounds with a better atmosphere to spur them on. The biggest stadium they will play in is the brand new Arena Corinthians, which seats 68,000, for their game against Uruguay.

The biggest stadium in Brazil is the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio which seats close to 80,000 fans and was used for matches during the 1950 World Cup.

The smallest stadium is the Arena da Baixada in Paraná which hasn’t finished being renovated yet!

May 132014

Dharmesh Rana, Carlsberg Senior Brand Manager, added: “As the Official Beer of The England Team, we’re really proud of the Fan Squad advert. We want to make football even better for fans so we listened to them to find out how we could improve the experience of watching England in the pub. With the help of Paddy, Ian and Jeff, we’ve put the fans first, and further enhanced our position as the beer of football.”

@CarlsbergUK and #CarlsbergFanSquad

May 132014

Footballers are some of the most famous athletes on the planet. Stars both on the pitch, in tabloids and on televisions across the world. With the World Cup on the horizon, we decided to look at who would win the tournament if a team’s Twitter following was proportional to their success.

We predicted results of the group stages and then began looking at who had the most Twitter followers in the final 16, placing them in the tournament against each other to see who would win the social World Cup 2014.

Created by Stay Sourced.

May 132014

Looking back over the last eventful season – which manager did his best to maintain a poker face in the face of impossible odds?

Well it was Lady GaGa who said ‘a little gambling is fun when you’re with me’, and there were quite a few managers who tried to play their cards close to their chest this year, to no avail. Chief among them, of course, was David Moyes. His ten months’ tenure at the Old Trafford helm wasn’t exactly enough to test his true mettle, so you have to feel sorry for him. But there were times when he really needed a poker face but was unable to muster anything – sometimes looking like he was going to murder one or all of his players, others like he was about to burst into tears.

Top prize for best gaga poker face has to go to Fulham’s third manager of the season, Felix Magath. The German simply kept insisting Fulham would stay up and were playing well until it was too late -when he politely apologised! But at no point did his team even look like turning things around – yet you’d never have guessed it from his avuncular yet implacable interviews.

At the other end of the implacability spectrum, though, is crazy Uruguayan Gus Poyet whose heart is on full view on his sleeve. Yet at the time of writing, his Sunderland side look like they have a great chance of staying up. So a manager’s ability to keep a poker face doesn’t mean anything on the pitch perhaps?

And at the other end of the table, the top prize for having no idea what he’s thinking goes to Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini. Now either he’s an absolute master at maintaining a poker face and hiding his true feelings – or you simply get what you see and he truly understands how important all this football stuff isn’t!

You always get the impression that he’s doing his best at his job, but that his mind is on the bigger philosophical things in life. Whether it is or not is quite another matter.

The battle for the Premier League is currently between the Chilean at the Etihad and his Northern Ireland counterpart Brendan Rodgers down the M62 in Anfield. The Ulsterman is generally far easier to read, but what’s interesting is that both he and Pellegrini were both out-psyched twice by the special one. Chelsea took six points from both their main rivals with a team that is patently slightly inferior – so it has to be the Mourinho factor making the difference for the big occasions.

The poker analogy is interesting in such situations. Great players at poker can win out over inferior players who are enjoying consistently better hands – and this is exactly what Jose Mourinho achieved in these big games. The fact that Chelsea lost out in the semi-final of the Champions League and look like finishing third, at the time of writing, in the Premier League isn’t really the issue as it’s not yet a true Mourinho team. So it will be fascinating to see what moves he makes in the close season to make it one.

But the poker comparison is fair in that – all other things held equal – a team managed by Mourinho would generally beat any other in the current Premier League.

To see similar principles in action at poker, you have to go to a site dominated by professional players playing in tournaments. At Full Tilt poker, for example, the site was established by poker professionals which is what sets it apart – and in the tournaments, you can consistently watch the “Mourinhos” of the game winning out with inferior hands, which is what makes it fascinating.

But for the face alone – the prize has to go to the hapless Felix Magath!

Apr 082014

The boot features all of the same technology as the PUMA evoPOWER 1 currently being worn by the likes of Mario Balotelli, Marco Reus, Cesc Fabregas, Michael Carrick and Yaya Toure, but is now available in a new leather upper and black out colourway for those with a more traditional taste in boots.

Apr 022014

Pepsi MAX® premiered its new global commercial and interactive film, “NOW IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT,” as part of the 2014 Pepsi Football campaign.

Barcelona’s Leo Messi, Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie, Chelsea’s David Luiz and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere all star in it.

Mar 292014

All the talk leading up to this weekend’s fixtures was about the banner that a group of Manchester United had paid to be flown from a plane.

It read ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out’.

In the stadium, this banner was booed and when David Moyes walked out on to the pitch he was greeted with a warm applause. There were several chants of support for him too.

Arsenal fans had a banner of their own planned for today’s game against Manchester City, telling the Arsenal manager, who has now been in charge of over 1000 games, which reads “F*CK OFF NOW”. Charming!