Jun 262014

The FATV team were in Sao Paolo for England’s game against Uruguay and caught up with this superb Brazilian/Japanese freestyle team who showed off some neat skills.

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Feb 282014

In 2007, a Tottenham Hotspur fan ran on to the pitch at full time and swung a punch at Frank Lampard, but missed. The Chelsea star has told FourFourTwo magazine how he might have reacted differently if the fan had made contact.

“The way he threw the punch I don’t think it would have done much even if it had made contact,” he said. “He was a bit worse for wear. How would I have reacted? I was surrounded by my team-mates, so I think I would just have tried to pin him down.”

A nickname that has stuck with Lampard is “Fat Frank” but the player insists that it doesn’t bother him, although it used to upset him when he was younger.

“I’m fine with it now; it actually makes me laugh,” he said. “But when I was younger it used to upset me, it was a stick to beat me with. It started at West Ham, and I can remember going back to Upton Park about seven years ago and a really overweight woman stood up in the chicken run and shouted “Fat Frank” at me. That was the moment where I realised this was getting ridiculous, so I just laugh at it now. There are a lot of really nasty things fans say to players, stuff about personal and family issues, and I don’t like that at all, but I am more than happy with “Fat Frank”.”

Jan 292014

Manchester United target Toni Kroos was angry to be subbed after in tonight’s game against Stuttgart. With an hour played and Bayern Munich a goal behind, Kroos was replaced by Claudio Piazarro.

Kroos went to the bench without shaking his team mates’ hands, before angrily throwing his gloves to the floor.

With his contract set to expire next summer and the player keen to improve his salary, Bayern Munich are reluctant to put him on the same level as the likes of Lahm and Ribery.

Kroos admitted this week that he was unsure about his future, whilst Pep Guardiola insisted he thought the player was important but didn’t know what was going to happen in the future.

David Moyes went to watch Kroos play last Friday with Steve Round and Phil Neville. With two days before the transfer window closes, can Manchester United take advantage of this temper tantrum?

Jan 202014

Gary Neville was discussing David Seaman, Paolo Maldini, Lothar Matthaus, Dennis Bergkamp and Teddy Sheringham who all join him as Legends in EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Legends are available now in FIFA Ultimate Team exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Buy your copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 14 at www.easports.com/uk/fifa/buy/UK/fifa14.

Oct 042013

Following Torres escaping punishment for giving the Tottenham opposition stripper player, Jan Vertonghen a slap last weekend here’s a look into some of the best in football.

Torres vs Vertonghen

Deserved?: 9/10 Yes. Jan took a tumble.
Execution: 3/10 A bit of a feminine approach from the man Chelsea fans once claimed was, “half a boy and half a girl”.
Knockout: 3/10 The scratch came with some force.

Mourinho vs Puyol

Deserved?: 9/10 Yes, Puyol is a scumbag.
Execution: 7/10 Didn’t look back, Puyol looked confused.
Knockout: 4/10 More of a cheap shot than a real slap.

Guardiola vs Alcantara

Deserved?: 6/10 Yes, Bayern were losing and his performance wasn’t up to scratch.
Execution: 5/10 A short and sharp clip, targeting the ear.
Knockout: 4/10 A wake up call as opposed to a real hit.

Bryan Carrasco vs Bryan Carrasco

Deserved?: 9/10 Anybody who tries to slap themselves probably deserves it.
Execution: 8/10 Used somebody else’s arm as a prop.
Knockout: 6/10 Caught on the nose. Hit the deck. Rolled around.

Rio vs Brdarić

Deserved?: 3/10 Standard penalty box hustle and bustle.
Execution: 1/10 Rio deserves a slap for the poor execution.
Knockout: 1/10 If you’re going to get a red you might as well deserve it.

Rio Vs Steve Bennett

Deserved?: 10/10 of course, he’s a linesman.
Execution: 7/10 managed to get away with it.
Knockout: 5/10 Decent power.

Drogba vs Vidic

Deserved?: 4/10 Tevez deserved it more than anybody.
Execution: 5/10 Decent power, aimed for that big jaw.
Knockout: 4/10 Vidic is a tough guy. It would take a lot more to floor him.

Bellamy vs Man United Fan

Deserved?: 1/10. Cheap shot from the short man. The fan was defenceless with his arms pinned back by the stewards.
Execution: 1/10. Decent power, but again. The fan couldn’t fight back.
Knockout: 1/10. Couldn’t even knock out a man with a defence worse than Arsenal’s when facing Drogba.

Celtic Fan vs Dida

Deserved?: 7/10 Probably not at that exact moment but when you consider how he went down, Dida deserved it.
Execution: 7/10 Caught the Brazilian by surprise.
Knockout: 10/10 Dida hit the deck and was put in a stretcher.

Leeds fan vs Kirkland

Deserved?: 1/10 Chris Kirkland, you have to feel sorry for him. He was meant to be England’s next goal keeper but injuries took their toll.
Execution: 9/10 Double hand job.
Knockout: 8/10 Considerable power.

Referee vs Player

Deserved?: 10/10 Player handled the ref, it’s fair enough.
Execution: 8/10 Decent power and strikes his dukes up in defence for the return.
Knockout: 6/10 Player was on the floor but managed to get up for a jog.

Fuller vs Andy Griffin

Deserved?: 7/10 Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to slap a colleague at one point or another?
Execution: 8/10 Called him out, approached him, slapped him.
Knockout: 4/10 Unlikely to do any real damage.