Chelsea boss “hates” diving… so what will he do with Ramires?

Chelsea were moments away from deservedly losing to West Brom at home this afternoon, meaning Jose Mourinho would lose his impressive home record with the blues, until Ramires dived deep in to injury time and was awarded a penalty.

Just last month, Mourinho was very critical of players who dived.

“I have told the players many times, I hate it. It is very bad,” Mourinho said. “I haven’t dropped a player because of it, but being strong and critical, I did it, yes. I spoke about it with Drogba and Robben. I am not saying I will drop someone. Maybe the player is very important for me and makes a mistake and maybe I don’t drop him. But I will strongly criticise him, yes. And if one day I win the game where I feel one of my players didn’t behave correctly, I will say it.”

6 Comments on "Chelsea boss “hates” diving… so what will he do with Ramires?"

  1. It’s ridiculous .
    Mourinho is the “Over-clocking Manager”. He wants to win with extra effort and motivation of his players, and those techniques fail from time to time, and sometimes burn the components.!!!
    What about good football techniques???
    Doesn’t the manager win games with good strategies besides mediocre players??
    Doesn’t the poor selections and changes count??
    I told several times
    Terry and Lampard friendship is going to pass the bill to Mourinho.
    Some of genius and some of inexpert, He is blinded by
    the fortune of last minute wins as with City and cant see the same
    errors are repeating again and again.
    With Newcastle Mourinho replaced everyone in the front and still don’t have a clue that the
    problems are in the back with his two static friends.
    Mourinho……Ay! Mourinho….

  2. pls help me ask mourinho why is using Lampard,Lampard is usless player,is hold man,pls tell mourinho to drop Lampard,for us ooooooooooooooo

  3. why mourinho is using Lampard instead of mike obi,

  4. we did’t want lampard in our team againg oooooooooooooo

  5. Why lampard plse this game could have changed by droping lampard early minuts even essien can play this match twice !blues the best

  6. damn it, Frank is too old now. he’s should joint the rest of Faulo Ferreira, we’ve no problem with that honestly, he need no game any more otherwise we w’ll be in the middle of the table.

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