Chelsea fans don’t like Benitez… but what does he think of them?

Rafael Benitez was announced as the interim Chelsea manager this evening after the shock sacking of Roberto Di Matteo.

Whilst not necessarily historic rivals, Chelsea and Liverpool have clashed several times over recent years and there is a great amount of hatred between the two clubs. Liverpool fans view themselves as supporters of a club with “history”, thanks to their eighteen league titles and five European Cups. In contrast, whilst Chelsea have only started winning trophies on a regular basis over the past couple of decades, they have created much jealousy amongst Liverpool fans who haven’t won the league since 1990.

The bad feeling between the two clubs was heightened by their regular meetings in the Champions League, with them playing against each other in 04/05, 05/06, 06/07, 07/08 and 08/09, when Liverpool stopped being able to qualify for the competition.

However, it appears as though it is not just the fans that dislike each other, but the Liverpool manager got swept away with it too. Ahead of one of those Champions League meetings in 2007, Benitez expressed his opinion on Chelsea supporters.

“We don’t need to give away stupid plastic flags to our fans to wave, our supporters are always there with their hearts and that is all we need. Its the passion of the fans that helps us to win matches, not flags. Chelsea fans lack passion.”

This quotation is still proudly displayed on the walls of Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground, showing the scorn Benitez felt towards the fans of the club he is now the manager of. There’s no love lost from the fans’ point of view either, who reacted angrily to Benitez being linked to the club when Andre Villas-Boas was sacked earlier this year.

Benitez will be unveiled in front of the home crowd ahead of their match against Manchester City, most likely to a chorus of boos and jeers. Roll on Sunday!

5 Comments on "Chelsea fans don’t like Benitez… but what does he think of them?"

  1. Faith Evaporated | November 21, 2012 at 9:11 pm | Reply

    I used to like football.
    I used to support Chelsea.
    A russian bought the club.
    We got some trophies.
    But all the sackings?
    What horrible ownership!
    Who does good work with
    executive pigs breathing down
    your neck waiting to pounce if
    you slip up in the slightest.
    I hope no-one succeeds at SB again,
    and no manager wants to touch them,
    and cfc sink to championship.
    Then useless Russian will sell.
    And I can follow the club again.
    Roman. You have no clue.
    As far as being a good businessman?
    Your just crooked & corrupt.
    You belong in the house, ala – animal farm.

  2. Abramovich got it wrong this time around. Benitez of all people? Chelsea was never under presure untill the appointment of Benitez

  3. Well well well,i see no reason why chelsea fans should dislike Rafa,even with what he said.of course he was doing his job then at Liverpool,it was just mind games. Have we forgotten how many times we met and what Torres did to us under him? He is no doubt a good and xperience coach. I think its high time we buried the hatchet and move on because nothing any fan can do about his appointment. He needs our support to succeed.thanx

    • Faith Evaporated | November 22, 2012 at 10:00 pm | Reply

      That’s exactly the reason I hate torres.
      I knew from day one that it was a bad
      bad bad decision to sign
      la niña. Moody little primadonna.
      Can’t wait ’til he’s gone.
      Good riddance.

  4. For sure! This decision should have been made a long time ago. I am super glad things start to get clear.

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