Fernando Torres won’t ever shine for Chelsea

Before I start, I would just like to clarify that I am a fan of Fernando Torres, not quite as much as I was before, but I support Chelsea so want what’s best for the club, not Fernando Torres or any other player. I really want Torres to succeed and be amazing but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

When Chelsea announced that Torres had been signed, I couldn’t contain my excitement. He was a player who I had often wished was playing for us instead of against us. I was so delighted that I went and paid £15 to have his name and number on the back of my shirt. He was already a hero in my eyes and I think that is why it has taken me so long to realise that he will never shine at Chelsea.

He will never ‘be back’, he will never single-handedly ruin teams like Robin van Persie or Falcao would, but he will continue to look out of place and feed off the magic of those around him. I struggle to recall a game in a Chelsea shirt where Torres has actually looked like part of the team. In my eyes he sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course this is a Chelsea team ‘in transition’ for those of you who want to give excuses for the terrible cohesion throughout the team but even when it does click, it is through Eden Hazard, who looks every bit worth the £32m he signed for, unlike £50m Fernando Torres. For so long I ignored the poor first touch, the clear lack of pace and the pretty poor movement. He gets it right, occasionally but nowhere near enough for a £50M striker. It is of course only a handful of games into the season and Torres probably will stagger his way to 20 goals this season in all competitions but who wouldn’t with Hazard, Mata and Oscar behind them?

To those Chelsea fans who are still convinced he’s the best thing ever to happen to the club, you’ll realise soon. You’ll notice how he often hides behind defenders or how his touch is often about five yards in front of himself but he’s so far away from everyone else he gets away with it. I’m pretty sure he had a moan at the end of last season about not being able to be the main man and the star striker, so why Fernando, now you’ve got your big chance, do I often see you drifting out wide? I really want Torres to be a success but he’s just a shadow of his former self. He’s obviously never going to get that blistering pace back. I recall the game versus Wigan where he was one on one with a player and at one point was actually a yard ahead of the defender but he turned back inside allowing the defender to catch up? Fernando Torres of three seasons ago would have left him for dead and went and slotted it in. There must be something not quite there mentally; there are obviously doubts in his own mind as well as he’s nowhere near as confident as he used to be. His goal against Newcastle was impressive but I lost count how many times I found myself ‘MOVE TORRES’ at him during that game. Hazard would be dancing round players down the wing yet Torres would be stationary on the corner of the box. Is it hard to make a near post run?

You might be wondering why this article is titled ‘The Fernando Torres Disorder’, well it’s because of how many Chelsea fans are still adamant that he’s going to set the world alight. I want it to happen too but it just isn’t going to happen. What sort of player moans about the club who pay him £175,000 a week, the day after he’s just won the Champions League? Torres can do no wrong according to a section of the Chelsea support and it’s sad to see. I’m pretty sure there are fans out there that would be happy if Torres scored but Chelsea lost. It does make me laugh when Torres does score and all his fan boys/girls say things like ‘that will shut the haters up’…they aren’t haters, they are people who want the best for Chelsea. I used to be part of this deluded gang but they need to wake up. I would swap him for Falcao any day of the week.

To his credit, there have been times where he’s look decent but let’s consider the opposition in those games. He scored a hat trick against QPR. A QPR defence including Anton Ferdinand who quite understandably must of wanted to get those 90 minutes over and done with. He scored two against Leicester, a Championship team. He scored two for Spain against Ireland. He scored that goal versus Barcelona where he did show good composure but the game was already dead. That goal away against Manchester United was a very well taken finish but we all know what happened a few minutes later after he rounded De Gea.

Torres’ goal versus Reading was the first goal he’s scored for Chelsea that has actually changed the outcome of the game/tie. Only 20 months after the club spent £50M on him…Shambolic.

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  1. Boring pointless article. Torres can do no wrong according to some but can do no right according to others. 3 goals in 5 games is ok considering we are trying to implement a new style. You sound like you want him to fail just to say I told you. You don’t mention he won the Golden Boot at the Euros. Van Persie, Huntelaar, Rooney, Balotelli, Gomez and Benzema all didn’t win it. He played less minutes than most of them too

    • You are the ones who see Torres as a player who can do no wrong.Dude Torres is just a liability to us we shud accept that 50m pounds were not that wisely invested.Cash in and get another striker not Falcao he’s great but we sign a younger talented striker who will cost us less in these times of the FFP.

  2. The truth is that we wish the best for him, but he has let us down several times where he fails to score more obvious chances! it is true we are going to wait so long for him to flourish in the chelsea shirt! actually when I remember him at Liverpool I even cry tears!

  3. Dont know if u looking for notice with your headline or if u a true blue but Torres of this season does seem different to the Torres of last season as for hI’m going out the box it’s due to lampard our defender beIng in the box,we need to ask ourselves why is lampard there when he is a defender as for this season he played five games If u have to judge him on that he played we’d except for athletico game,he been Playing well this season and it looks like he wants to score cos there are great signs this season of hI’m gettIng in form,I think he will do well thIs season as long as we don’t hang on tO the ball too long which we have been doing the past few seasons. Is as a fan we always played a slow game,now things are changing cos we playing faster and have lots of pace except for lampard so I think your topic should be Is there any signs of lampard getting younger cos he is our problem

    • He doesnt!How many times have we said Torres is back??more than I want to know,judging by Spains game against Saudi you will see Nando is not back!

  4. the writer is mad nd the website too, every great player has great team playing around him messi , ronaldo , van persie, rooney , all who u think as great. Van persie scored many goals lasts did crete it himself? N 1st season after long time van has done that shut up n write something thats really worthty

  5. I agree 100%.The sooner we cash in when we still can and get a good young striker(Damiao)the better for everyone.

  6. I don’t know how you call yourself a chelsea fan — you’re a real fucking idiot and a little desperate in the bargain – try thinking for once — take this question which martin lipton and other anti chelsea squares have been asserting for a while & which u appear to have swallowed without a thought –
    Torres’ goal versus Reading was the first goal he’s scored for Chelsea that has actually changed the outcome of the game/tie.
    Well this took me as a real chelsea fan 15 seconds to puncture – i mean what about benfica away in the Cl last year? Or Barca in the semi when he turned a loss into a draw? and then there’s reading so are you idiot yes you are — are you hypnotised chicken who can’t make up his own mind ? yes you are . Will you pretend this was just a joke to get people onto the web site? Aidan you’re just enough of a coward to do exactly that.

    • Buddha9 – Do you not feel a bit embarrassed scraping the barrel to find just THREE examples of games in 18 months? Regardless, you are wrong. Torres’ goal against Barcelona made no difference to your progression. You were through to the final whether he scored or not. Also, Torres didn’t score against Benfica last year. Are you counting him assisting a goal as him scoring a goal?

      If you’re going to call someone a “real fucking idiot” you probably want to make sure you’re right first.

  7. Scott pretty much summed it up for me. Torres reminds me of a shiny new phone. You can’t wait to see how good it is and how it’s going to improve certain aspects of your life. It doesn’t exactly shine at first but you give it a chance cus it’s new, it deserves a chance. You gradually get more & more disappointed with it, you’re almost embarrassed to admit that you actually purchased it. Rival phone owners taunt you over how bad it is whilst they show off their new RvPs or Falcaos. Instead of getting rid of the phone, you spend loads of money, a lot more than the actual phone, trying to improve it. They make it slightly better but at the end of the day it’s still shit.

    Let’s face it, if Torres was a phone, he would have been replaced a long time ago. Torres however isn’t a phone and he’s the best Chelsea have up top at the moment so I have no choice but to back him when he’s on the pitch.

  8. Totally agree with this article. Having been at most of the games so far this season and watching Torres being given the chance as the main striker I’m afraid he’s not grasped the opportunity and still seems lacking in confidence. Chelsea as a club have done everything to help him this season. RDM is playing a style he’s more used to and we have three midfielders that can supply him with great balls that he should be having a field day. He seems to score only when he doesn’t have time to think and is instinctive. I’ve lost count the amount of times he’s been one on one with the goal keeper this season and instead of scoring he pauses panics and watches as either the goalie or a defender simply takes the ball from him. Any top striker regularly getting these chances would be having a field day but Torres is getting more and more frustrated and this is shown in his body language that you can’t always notice on TV. I would go as far as saying the £75 million spent on Torres and Luiz was a waste of money. I think Luiz has some amazing ability but he keeps costing us goals with his poor positioning. If we really want to be one of the top sides in Europe we need to sell Torres and get in either Falcao or Neymar.

  9. It’s very sad to see the torres we have now. He shows glimpses now and again but i fear he will never get back to his full best. His movement sometimes off the ball is superb and he does create space for others. But there are times when he hangs on the outside of the box, and you think bust a gut to get in thier, get accross your man at the near post like drogba used to. You might actually score. Its not like he is a bad headerer of the ball he is quite good. Must be a confidence issue, thinking if he is there and misses it will destroy him even more. But he needs to show some hunger keep getting in the positions the more he does that more opportunities will arrise. I agree also he has lost pace. When people say he has lost half a yard, not half a yard he looks like he has lost yards of pace. Watch old clips of him he was lightning. People say your prime is 28 maybe for torres not the case he’s been playing from such a young age competetively maybe he hit his at 25. Also i believe constant injuries have taken away something from his game and also left a mental scar.

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