If Mata and Mikel didn’t hear Clattenburg insult, which Chelsea player did?

You would have been forgiven for thinking the biggest controversies from Sunday’s game at Stamford Bridge involved the timing of Fernando Torres’ red card and Javier Hernandez’s offside goal, but hours after the final whistle, Chelsea confirmed they had lodged a formal complaint against referee Mark Clattenburg for “inappropriate language” directed at two of their players.

Whilst nothing official has been confirmed, the reported allegation is that Clattenburg called Juan Mata a “Spanish tw*t” and John Obi Mikel a “monkey”.

It has also been reported that neither of the players heard these insults personally but were told of them by their team mates. Oriol Romeu has confirmed Mata only found out about the alleged insults after the game.

“Neither Juan nor Fernando told me they heard it because from what I have understood they didn’t hear anything,” said Romeu. “It was someone else who heard it, but not directly at them. It was another player who heard it and that is what they told me. I didn’t hear anything as I left quickly to go home but after talking to Juan he told me there was some problem and he had to stay. I only know Chelsea made a complaint and I think there could really be a problem if what Chelsea players say happened really happened. If there was really a racist comment or something said against a Spanish player this will be serious. We know in this country people are very vigilant about these issues.”

The names being mentioned as those who heard the insults and passed the information on are David Luiz and Ramires. As the videos below show, neither of these players have a strong grasp of English, if any at all, which adds doubt to the likelihood of them hearing what they say they did. It is also incredible to think that a referee, whose mic can be heard by three other officials, would use racist language on the pitch. That would be hard to believe in any scenario, let alone right now, when the awareness of racism in football is at a peak. However, something being unlikely doesn’t mean it is untrue, as the FA found when determining John Terry was guilty racist abuse when he was England captain. This incident has to be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Whilst you would like to think there is nothing sinister behind the allegations, that frustrated Chelsea players didn’t seek revenge for what they believed to be a poor performance from the referee, at this stage, without all the information at hand, the most likely explanation would be a misunderstanding from the Brazilian players. It is puzzling that Ramires and Luiz heard the insults but Mikel and Mata did not.

With the insults apparently taking place on the pitch, Mikel confronted Clattenburg after the game in his office, along with manager Roberto Di Matteo, assistant manager Eddie Newton and chief executive Ron Gourlay.

Clattenburg, his assistants and fourth official are understood to have been stunned by the claims, with Michael McDonough, Simon Long and Michael Jones denying hearing anything of that nature over the officials’ microphone link-up.

Some reports this morning have claimed the exchange was like a “pub brawl” and the threat “I’ll break your f**king legs!” being directed at Clattenburg. Whilst there is the possibility of consequences for the referee, it’s hard to imagine that Chelsea will avoid punishment for their reaction, if the reports in today’s papers are accurate.

Clattenburg filed his match report, including details of the exchange after the match in an “extraordinary incident form”, and the FA have begun their investigations. Clattenburg will today formally deny the allegations when he meets with the FA.

All in all, this is a very strange story and hopefully one that is resolved quickly. Clattenburg will not be officiating any games this weekend, not as a punishment, but to keep him out of the limelight. With just trickles of information available at present, it’s hard to form much of an opinion, but the FA will be closer to working out what actually happened after meeting with Clattenburg today.

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  1. Anton ferdinand and all his team mates didn’t hear JT’s remark either, so what? Didn’t stop you attacking Jt did it — now we know you’re more anti chelsea than anti racist =– hypocrites

    • Buddha9 – John Terry immediately admitted to using the words “black cunt”. Clattenburg has denied using any racial slurs.

      • Scott he only made the confession a year later in the court case — it was known for a year that Af hadn’t heard it on the field but you had to be a dectective to find it out from the press — they highlighted certain facts which they hammered away at like the dubious you tube footage ( which in the court case no on relied on for evidence because it was so dodgy) and ignored/concealed other evidence and they did so from day one, long before the court case.

        • Terry made the admission around the time that the video came out, which was not long after the match. But he argued that he said it as a question, rather than an insult.

  2. Why speculate? What Clattenburg said has probably been caught on camera and once the footage has been examined it should be pretty clear what he said and to who.

    What does need to be investigated thoroughly though is the influence of Man Utd on the PGMO and how referees are selected for EPL games.

  3. United are Scum. | October 30, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    ,You think Twattenburg wud admit,days after the incident when his career is at risk.JT thot thats what Anton accused him of sayin,,

  4. that’s not the point Scott i’m speaking about the media reaction! They didn’t go round printing in bold headlines the fact that AF hadn’t heard it on the field – in fact they gave the distinct opposite impression — suited their agenda then doesn’t suit it now — they’re hypocrites — their anti racist credentials depend upon who makes the accusation and who its directed at — in this case they’ll try and swamp the story in anti chelsea hedlines — the mirror’s already started

    • Buddha9 – The media didn’t need to print bold headlines saying AF hadn’t heard it on the field because John Terry admitted to saying it immediately. Whether Ferdinand heard it or not is irrelevant because of Terry’s confession. Clattenburg has denied saying it immediately so I’m not sure why you think the situations are anything alike.

    • buddha9 — your complaint is ludicrous.

      It is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical about accusations like this toward a REFEREE, especially when the targets of the alleged abuse didn’t hear it and the only people who did have a poor grasp of English.

      John Terry, on the other hand, has a history of controversial incidents and there is VIDEO evidence of him clearly CLEARLY mouthing those words. The debate with Terry’s case is that his INTENT in mouthing those words was not racist. BUT HE SAID THEM.

      There is absolutely NO equivalence between these two cases at all. Your strawman argument is completely nonsense.

  5. chelseaparkthebus | October 30, 2012 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Chelsea have a history of being a racist club with racist fans.

    Google ‘chelsea headhunters’ to learn more about the plastic rentboys past.

  6. Love my Captain Legend Leader | October 30, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    As JT said in his program notes, Racism can never be excused. If proved guilty, he must be sacked, jailed/thrown out of the country. That will set a nice precedent for the future.

    • chelseaparkthebus | October 30, 2012 at 4:04 pm | Reply

      terry should of thrown out long ago the racist scumbag

      • Love my Captain Legend Leader | October 30, 2012 at 4:07 pm | Reply

        Watch it Mr. ! JT only responded back to something. Even the FA agrees that JT is not a racist but was only relaying back words which he shouldn’t have! Cuntenburg on other hand …

        • chelseaparkthebus | October 30, 2012 at 5:03 pm | Reply

          your a scumbag for defending john terry the racist chav. sums you plastic chelsea fans up

          • Love my Captain Legend Leader | October 30, 2012 at 8:21 pm |

            European champions make you cry ? you wanna cry ?

          • chelseaparkthebus | October 30, 2012 at 8:38 pm |

            yes it does make me want to cry at the fact that such a small club playing such shockingly poor football managed to fluke the competition. it devalued it in fact. shame for football

  7. the issue is none of the two OBIE & MATA heard the insults, so who can come in the open to tell us exerctily, & 4 MIKEL had it been CHELSEA WON you think these allegations could have been brought against CLATTENBURG. NONSENS.

  8. Buddha9:

    If the media didn’t make a big issue of the fact that Ferdinand didn’t hear Terry (personally, I thought they made it quite clear), that’s probably because it was largely irrelevant. Millions of people who watched the game on TV saw what Terry said (the police complaint was made by a TV viewer) In that instance, when you have clear video evidence and an admission from the accused party that the words were said, what possible bearing could the fact the Ferdinand didn’t hear him have?

    So far in this case, the only evidence against Clattenburg is the word of two players who claim to have heard him say it. Clattenburg denies it and three people who were directly linked to his microphone say they didn’t hear it either. As such, the fact that alleged victims didn’t hear him (while not proving his innocence) makes the case against him far weaker.

    Frankly, your seemingly wilful refusal to see the difference in the two sets of circumstances suggests you are the one basing your credentials on who makes the accusation.

  9. Love my Captain Legend Leader:

    You are aware that John Terry is currently serving a four-match ban for racial abuse, aren’t you? You seem to be happy to accept the FA’s word that he’s not racist so why do you reject their ruling that his ‘only responding’ defence was a lie? That is, after all, why they banned him.

    You’re quick to argue that Terry isn’t racist (despite the fact he’s currently serving a ban for racial abuse) but you want Mark Clattenburg imprisoned and deported (both of which would require rather draconian amendments to the current law of the land) for the same offence. Care to explain your logic?

  10. Love my Captain Legend Leader | October 30, 2012 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    JT has been sanctioned because the FA feels that those words should have never been uttered no matter the circumstances. Not because they feel he was lying or something. You never seen him being close with Mikel, King cole, king didi ?

    What Cuntberg has said however cannot be supported by anyone sane and it irritates me more that he did that one of more sacred grounds in the world at SB.

    • sacred ground? you mean the same ground were the fans made it clear in the 70s and 80s that black people werent welcome. sums up chelsea fans. racist scummy rentboys, all ten of them

    • Love my Captain Legend Leader:

      Utter nonsense and you (should) know it. Even the magistrate made a point of saying they didn’t believe his defence in court. The reason he was banned by the FA is not because ‘those words should have never been uttered’ it’s because they didn’t believe a word of his defence either and because they can work on the balance of probabilities they don’t actually have to prove Terry was lying.

      Terry wasn’t charged with ‘being racist’ (not actually a crime) he was charged with saying racist things (actually a crime) so your reference to Mikel and Cole means nothing, people with black friends can be racist too. I’ve seen Luis Suarez hug Raheem Sterling but he was also banned for racial abuse.

      As for Stamford Bridge being ‘one of the more sacred grounds in the world’, who are you trying to kid? A three-standed cabbage patch up until twenty years ago and a place that’s seen more than it’s fair share of racism over the years (two incidents of Chelsea fans racially abusing black Chelsea players in the last year alone).

  11. Love my Captain Legend Leader | October 31, 2012 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    Yada yada yada.. You must have been obviously asleep when JT proudly wore the “unite against Racism” band just above his captain’s arm band last week.

    • Love my Captain Legend Leader:

      Do you mean the armband that he, along with every other club captain, was asked to wear by UEFA? Why wouldn’t he wear it when he continues to profess his innocence? Do you honestly think that proves anything?

      • Love my Captain Legend Leader | November 1, 2012 at 9:53 am | Reply

        He could have followed Rio right ? Endorsing racial abuse and then boycotting the organization that fights against racism. No, JT is much better than that

  12. chelsea have always been a racist club with racist fans, no shocks there

  13. @SB He is an obvious troll so please don’t feed him.

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