Jan 222014

Which Football Team Has The Most Fanatic Fans

Which Football Team Has The Most Fanatic Fans [Infographic] by the team at BetFair

Betfair have looked at which teams have the loudest fans, the best attended games, who travel the furthest and measure them in several other ways to work out who is the best.

Arsenal pay the most, Newcastle travel the furthest, Manchester United have the most, Liverpool have the loudest, amongst other conclusions.

  2 Responses to “INFOGRAPHIC: Which fans are the best? Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and others compete”

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  2. Interesting infographic but many of the criteria measured are very subjective and dependent on other factors.

    Decibels: Not taking into consideration size of stadium/crowd etc and teh harmonics of the stadia. Liv may have 97 dB to ManU 94 but ManU have 20K more fans inside the ground which makes the level of sound at anfield even more impressive.

    Away games and distance travelled: Closely linked. Newcastle and Southampton clearly travel the furthest because they are more remote from other Prem teams and similarly teams in the NW or London, where many teams are based will travel less but also have teh ability to get to more away games.

    Price of tickets: Also dependent on average wage in area explaining somewhat the cost of Arsenal and Spurs tickets and also highlighting that Liverpools prices are exceedingly high with average wage in mind. ManU and Chelsea showing great value here.

    Lastly, not sure how total worldwide fans was estimated, perhaps the you took figures from the deeply flawed Research by Germany company SPORT+MARKT which was taken from a survey of only 1,000 people from 34 countries.

    Surely audience fugires for matches woudl be a better metric with the Liverpool Manu derby the most watched club football match in teh world with viewing figures of 500 Million.

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