Is Suarez not used to the booing by now?

The FA ruled that on the “balance of probability”, Luis Suarez racially abused Patrice Evra in a game between rivals Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield. The most damning evidence was probably the argument that “negro” could only be considered a safe term if used in a friendly way. Given that Suarez and Evra were in the middle of an argument, with the Uruguayan having already kicked Evra on the knee before hitting him around the back of the head and pinching him, it was hard to believe Suarez was using the term in a “conciliatory” way as he claimed. Suarez’s story changed several times whilst Evra’s remained the same, which lead to the Liverpool man being deemed an unreliable witness.

The FA report: “The impression created by these inconsistencies was that Suarez’s evidence was not, on the whole, reliable. He had put forward an interpretation of events which was inconsistent with the contemporaneous video evidence. He had changed his account in a number of important respects without satisfactory explanation. As a result, we were hesitant about accepting Suarez’s account of events where it was disputed by other credible witnesses unless there was solid evidence to support it.”

It also didn’t help his case when he admitted that he lied in his initial statement, when he claimed he pinched Evra to defuse the situation. The FA report read: “It was plain to us that Suarez’s pinching of Evra’s arm was not an attempt to defuse the situation. It could not conceivably be described in that way. In our judgment, the pinching was calculated to have the opposite effect, namely to aggravate Evra and to inflame the situation.”

Had Suarez’s case gone to court, he would have been found “not guilty” (or “not proven” as the Scottish more accurately describe the judgement) just as John Terry was, because there wasn’t the evidence there to prove guilt “beyond reasonable doubt”. The Chief Magistrate in Terry’s court case has made it easy for the FA to charge Terry though and find him guilty like Suarez because of what he said in his summary. He said it was “inherently unlikely” that Ferdinand accused Terry of calling him a “black cunt”. He also claimed “Mr Terry’s explanation is unlikely. It is sandwiched between other undoubted insults.” The FA make a judgement on what is most likely to have occurred and in the case of Suarez, the most likely explanation is he was racially abusing Evra. Just like Terry, this wouldn’t make him “a racist”. Yes, we all know Suarez has a black grandfather, just like some of Terry’s best mates are black, but in the heat of the moment when wanting to wind up an opponent, racist terms can seemingly slip out.

For Suarez, it is not just the fact he was deemed guilty of saying this to Evra, it is his subsequent behaviour, and the behaviour of his club, that has lead to increased unpopularity. The Liverpool players and manager donned a t-shirt with Suarez on the front after the verdict had been reached and no apology was offered to Evra. Even if Suarez hadn’t meant to offend Evra, it was clear that he had done, so why not apologise? Suarez then refused to shake Evra’s hand when the players next faced each other, although he did apologise (after receiving a bollocking) for this.

It would be foolish to think this is the only reason he isn’t liked in this country though. He is a cheat. Whilst fans of all teams have a player in their ranks who goes to ground without any contact, these players are immensely unpopular when they play for another club. Suarez is also the player than denied Ghana progression in to the World Cup semi-finals after he blocked a clear goal with his arms. Let’s not forget the seven game ban he received in Holland less than two years ago when he bit Otman Bakkal during an argument on the pitch. For all his footballing ability, which makes him a hero at Anfield, he’s an all round bad egg, and the abuse he dished out to Evra was just the icing on the cake.

It should have come as no surprise then that the British crowds have given Suarez a hard time in his games for Uruguay during London 2012. Just as he was booed at every Premier League ground he visited last season, he has been booed at Old Trafford, Wembley and the Millenium Stadium.

“Disgraceful behaviour by parts of the Old Trafford crowd for booing Suarez… should stay at home #olympicspirit” tweeted the former Liverpool player, Dietmar Hamann, after the first game, as if this was the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. How dare the British crowd show their dislike of someone who has been deemed guilty of racially abusing an opponent, eh Didi?

Despite boasting talents like Edinson Cavani, Sebastián Coates, and Suarez, Uruguay managed just three points at the group stage, after beating the United Arab Emirates, but losing to the ten men of Senegal and Team GB.

Ahead of the final group stage game against Great Britain, Suarez was asked about the booing he had received. He played down the impact of it though, insisting it didn’t bother him. “Fans should focus on themselves and their own team,” he said. “What interests me is the Liverpool fans and the Uruguay fans.”

Suarez’s team mate, Cavani, warned the GB fans to boo at their peril. “Luis knows that the crowd might be against him, but that is the worst thing that they can do,” said the Napoli striker. “He can punish any team in the world, but if you antagonise him you will give him more of a reason to punish you.”

Great Britain won 1-0 and Uruguay were sent home, but not before they tossed their toys out of the pram.

“I’m tired of this situation with Luis,” Coates said. “I think it has gone too far and I don’t like to see him treated like this. I know the kind of person he is and I think the abuse he gets is very unfair. He knows all his team-mates and a whole country are fully behind him and I think fans over here should leave him alone.”


Ahead of the game, when Suarez’s face was shown on the big screen during the national anthem, the crowd booed. He misunderstood this as the Great British crowd booing the national anthem although believes he was only booed because they were scared of him.

“I think they jeer me and they boo me because they must be scared of facing a player like me,” he said. “They fear me, but that doesn’t affect me. I’m just hurt because we lost and we are going home. I can take the abuse… but I think it was a total lack of respect from the crowd to boo when we were trying to sing our national anthem. I think those things should not happen.”

In 270 minutes of football at the Olympics (60 minutes of that against the ten men of Senegal), Suarez failed to score even once. New Zealand’s Chris Wood, who is currently on loan at Bristol City, has scored at this Olympics. As has Egypt’s Marwan Mohsen (Petrojet), Japan’s Yuki Otsu (Borussia Mönchengladbach II) and UAE’s Rashed Eisa (Al Wasl), amongst others. Whilst there’s no doubting Suarez is a better player than any of these, he’s hardly done anything to leave opposition fans quaking in their boots this summer. Maybe Suarez is naive enough to believe he’s booed merely because he’s good, and judging by some of the statements he’s made since Evragate, that wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility. This remark though is more likely borne from frustration and petulance, with the Uruguayan striker, contrary to his statement, becoming utterly fed up by his pantomime villain status (King Rat, anyone?).

It’s going to be a long season ahead if Suarez is tired of the booing already though. Believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from, Luis.

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  1. WOW! How poor and ignorant this article is?

  2. Good read!

  3. Yeah. Good man. Great article. Fair play. Bollocks. Well done. Twat gobshite twat. Etc.

  4. Rob, Cheshire | August 2, 2012 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    People should not boo during a country’s national anthem. Of course people will continue to argue otherwise but I think it shows a lack of common decency.

  5. The complaint was about the booing during the National Anthem which is very disrespectfull to a nation.

    The booing of a player is totally acceptable in my opinion, but if the PC Brigade get their way it will soon become a criminal offence.

  6. so ferdenand and terry will be booed now will they .terry a cheat with a teamates wife and hes done other things.ferdinand missed a drug test that he forgot about , you didnt mention about the fans should boo them now

  7. If people booed suarez because they fear him, why doent messi and all the grat players get booed?

    simple, because they are not diving, cheating, violent, hot headed proven racist scumbags like this rat faced chipmunk is, that why.

    he was crap anyway, couldnt pass wind.

  8. What a biased, innaccurate and opinionated article. Like most you read nowadays actually. Waste of a few mintues of my time i won’t get back.

    Maybe you too should start getting used to booing mate if you keep writing articles like this!

  9. Actually calling LS Rat Boy is very childish and offensive as it is personal reference to his physical appearance.

    The british crowds do not boo LS because of the evra incident they do it because he is an easy target and generally they do not understand the evra incident in any just as the writer of this article doesn’t.

    It is obvious that LS beleives he was wrongly found guilty and that the way the process was unfair. If this is the case then he is witin his rights to defend himself. Would you not protest your inocence if you believed you were not guilty of something.

    I fhad truly reserched the case you would have known that other major sporting bodies around the world have ridiculed the verdict along with several barristers.

    The article is just a cheap shot at an easy target and it is inaccurate.

  10. I agree with Bazza, the media had a lot to do with spoiling the rep of Suarez – will the same media do the same for Ferdinand or Terry? i bet they don’t – it always seems the South American’s are targeted in this country – like when Ashley Cole abused the ref guess who was made the scapegoat, yes it was the South American Mascherano – yes another Liverpool player. Is this targeting the South Americans by the FA not racist as well?? i bet no one has noticed this FA bias. Can the people who booed Suarez please prove the are squeaky clean? i bet they can’t? i also bet these same people have not been the end of a racist comment and have no idea what it feels like to be truly discriminated against because of their colour or race. They all lack the courage the stand up and be counted against true racism – Shame on them!

  11. Wouldn’t Evra and all black people not used to being called a negro every now and then? What a stupid headline!

    • Very good point! Are People not used to 3rd world poverty by now?
      This is just another biased Man Utd supporter who selects his morals with regards to how it affects Liverpool.

      • ALan – Are you likening third world poverty with booing a player guilty of racial abuse? Honestly? That’s an interesting scale you’re working off.

        • No but I am likening the stupidity of assuming that a person should get used to having abuse thrown at him to such a statment.

          • ALan – Suarez has never apologised to Evra for causing offence, whether it was intentional or not. If he’s not sorry for what he’s done wrong, why on earth should he be forgiven for it? Hint: if you don’t want to be booed, don’t racially abuse people/dive/bite people.

  12. Mark Masters | August 2, 2012 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    So glad to see the author didn’t let the facts get in the way of his story, he just made stuff up, assumed the rest and printed it anyway. Good journo he’ll make!

  13. was at the URU-GB game, and of the people round me not one even knew why they were booing suarez….just doing it because everyone else seemed to be….

  14. HAHAHA Evra’s story stayed the same throughout!!!!

    HAHAHAHA – Is it any wonder people snort and laugh at sites like this?

    • reg_user – Taken from the report: “Mr Evra was a credible witness. He gave his evidence in a calm, composed and clear way. It was, for the most part, consistent, although both he and Mr Suarez were understandably unable to remember every detail of the exchanges between them. Mr Suarez’s evidence was unreliable in relation to matters of critical importance. It was, in part, inconsistent with the evidence, especially the video footage.”

      Why does writing an article using the findings of the FA report lead to you snorting and laughing? I can only assume you haven’t read the FA report which is why you didn’t know that Evra’s story stayed the same. Never mind. Better luck with your next comment.

  15. great article. spoke the truth, that’s all that matters. all the negative comments are from liverpool fans

  16. The author of this article has been out for dinner with his mother numerous times, shown her affection, and indeed at one point suckled at her breast. In the lack of any definitive evidence I’m going to have to suggest- on the balance of probabilities- that the two must be romantically involved. Your next 8 articles will be banned and any that follow will be spammed with abuse, regardless of content or quality. Welcome to the FA.

    The irony of criticizing Suarez for making a judgement on someone’s skin color (they way they look) and then aiming jibes at- wait for it- the way Suarez looks doesn’t show you in the best light. Even if we do accept your version of Suarez, is there more malice in his few-second exchange with Evra, or the paragraphs you’ve written here and the relish with which you plan to carry on trying to punish him?

    • J Ryan – It is a worry that you can’t see the difference between racially abusing someone and saying that someone looks like a rat. Tongue in cheek, childish name calling (ie. Suarez looks like a rat) shouldn’t be compared with racial abuse (ie. Calling a black person “negro”).

      • Ahh this was written by a child. Sorry my first thought was that it was written by a mad man, but that clears things up.

        What if Suarez had meant it in a ‘tongue in cheek, childish’ way simply regarding the way that Evra ‘looks’? Does he not look black? Would that make you as bad as Suarez?

        I’d appreciate the answer to these questions as you seem so very definite in a minefield of grey.

        • J Ryan – You really don’t understand the difference between name calling and racism, do you? Crikey.

          • Is there a clear and exact line where one ends and the other begins?

          • J Ryan – Erm, yes. It begins and ends when the comments made are in relation to someone’s race. Calling Evra “negro” refers to a race. Saying Suarez looks like a rat doesn’t. Honestly, are you pretending at being this thick for my benefit or do you honestly not see the difference?

          • An insult, part of which references race:
            “Excuse me mate- yeah you, the black guy in the red shoes. You’re an absolute moron!”

            An insult that only references facial features:
            “You might be a nice guy but look at your ugly slanted eyes!”

            Which one of these is ‘racist’? Are the lines as clear as you think? My original point that was although i doubt you are romantically involved with your own mother, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to prove otherwise, whereas the things i listed suggest on the balance of probabilities you may well be. This is why vilifying a guy sentenced under such a weak system is also horrible behavior.

            I was trying to show you how ridiculous it is that your hate of Suarez is so unshakably certain when nothing about these events offer any black and white certainty.

          • J Ryan – If you want to believe that Suarez was trying to make friends with Evra when he called him “negro”, cool. The language expert said “negro” was an acceptable term between friends in South America but was insulting when used in a different context. The context it was used in was not between friends and not in a friendly environment, but in the middle of a row between two players from two clubs that hate each other. If you want to believe that Suarez wasn’t trying to insult Evra, that is your prerogative. Common sense would suggest that is ridiculous though which is why Suarez was banned for eight games.

          • FA Report citing linguistics experts that clearly indicate it is NOT a term only used between friends:

            “To analyse the word “negro” in Mr Suarez’s interview it was important to remember that the word was used during a football match, which establishes the context as one of
            informal social relations…the fact that Mr Suarez indicates that Mr Evra had already spoken to him in Spanish… (therefore) Mr Suarez WOULD NOT HAVE NEEDED ANY FURTHER SENSE OF FAMILIARITY to use the word “negro”, which is to say HOW WELL MR SUAREZ KNEW MR EVRA IS NOT OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE; in Rioplatense Spanish the use of “negro” as described here by Mr Suarez would not be offensive. Indeed, it is possible that the term was intended as an attempt at conciliation and/or to establish rapport”

            “The question “Por qué, negro?” as transcribed in Mr Suarez’s interview SOUNDED RIGHT LINGUISTICALLY AND CULTURALLY and is in line with the use set out by Mr Suarez when referring to Glen Johnson;”

            “The experts concluded their observations on Mr Suarez’s account as follows. If Mr Suarez used the word “negro” as described by Mr Suarez, this would NOT be interpreted as either offensive or offensive in racial terms in Uruguay and Spanish-speaking America more generally;”

            Why throw the FA report around as evidence if you’re too lazy to actually read it first?

          • J Ryan – You’re starting to lose it now. Read what I’ve said before you reply. I said “trying to make friends” ie. conciliatory. If you believe Suarez was behaving in a “conciliatory” way, amongst the fouling, arguing, pinching and slapping around the back of the head, good for you. Suarez admitted he lied when he said he pinched Evra to defuse the situation (or again, in a “conciliatory” manner) but if you want to believe he called him “negro” in a conciliatory way, good for you. I’ll side with common sense though, like the FA, and everyone who isn’t a Liverpool fan.

          • What Scott claims he said:
            “I said “trying to make friends” ie. conciliatory. The context it was used in was not between friends”

            What Scott actually said:
            “The language expert said “negro” was an acceptable term between friends in South America but was insulting when used in a different context.”

            You are an unreliable witness my friend! I doubt I’ll ever get you to stop accepting hearsay as fact, but it was worth a go.

            For the record Suarez did not admit that he lied. What he said after persistent cross-examination was that:
            “I was not trying to calm down the situation, but trying to explain…”
            This is in specific answer to the use of the word ‘defuse’ in his statement. A term that clearly would have been part of a statement drafted for him (which is what his lawyer blamed). Suarez may have indeed lied, but i also think there’s a possibility that between his statement being translated into English, then his cross-examination on said statement being translated by one interpreter into Spanish and his responses being translated by another interpreter into English, that ‘defuse’ become lost among ‘explain’ as it was part of a sequence of events that DO suggest Suarez was trying to calm things down (see the image of his supplicating gesture, open palms)

            I’l freely admit i don’t know if Suarez is innocent, but that’s exactly why this ‘court’ was ridiculous, as is the fact you take great enjoyment of them punishing him on their verdict.

  17. People boo Suarez cos he’s an easy target.

    I know several Evertonians who boo, whistle and sing ‘You know what you are’ at Suarez while freely admitting they have racist tendencies & its the same up and down the country.

    People who support Suarez & Liverpool will think articles like this are shit….people who hate Suarez & Liverpool will think its great.

    ….I think its shit

  18. “Suarez changed his story several times”. Just a little throw-away lie there hey, good journalism my arse! No where is there a mention that the petite french fuck called LS a ‘Sudacca’, and in his evidence that phrase was conveniently translated to ‘You South American’, as in ‘Don’t touch me you Sudacca’. Evra speaks Spanish and he knew he was referring to LS as the Spanish equivalent of the English slur ‘Greasy Spic’.
    Also, the ‘Independent Panel of three Judges’ consisted of a Main Board Director of Manure; the second has been previously quoted as saying he owed his job in football to Arselic Ferguson who recommended him for the post and the third stooge was a guest at Ferguson’s son’s wedding. Clearly, a lynch mob if ever there was one and, given this, it is no wonder LS feels aggrieved and the entire Spanish / Portuguese speaking world thinks British justice stinks.

    • fitz07 – Read the FA report before you wrongly accuse people of lying. “Mr Suarez’s evidence was unreliable in relation to matters of critical importance. It was, in part, inconsistent with the evidence, especially the video footage. There were also inconsistencies between his accounts given at different times as to what happened.”

      • Brian Mitchell | August 2, 2012 at 4:56 pm | Reply

        Incredulous stuff !!

        Just a couple of points..

        1) I don’t see how bringing the 1936 ‘ hitler olympics ‘ into rebuff Didi Hamman’s comments is valid ?? Oh thats right,he’s German so he must be a) a Nazi or b) have no right to comment on racial affairs being German and a Nazi. Seriously ?? Wasn’t so long ago the impeccably moralistic English were throwing bannas at John Barnes

        2) You failed to address and condemn, and continue to do so, the disgusting sound of an national anthem being booed at an olympic games.. This didnt even happen at the ’36 olympics.. And why ?? One player on a team is disliked by people for whatever reason so thats reason enough to insult an entire nation ?? Still its nothing new with ye lot.. Never had respect for other teams anthems…

        Once again football has left down an entire nation because some mancs wanna get back at some scouse.. It’s pathetic.. This is the olympics .. It has sweet FA to do with the PL and its childish tiresome antics.. Gary Lineker the last night on BBC said after day two or three ‘ Ye ll be glad to know the Germans haven’t won any golds yet ‘ How very sad indeed.

        If after your rather long winded and tiresome rant you feel you’ve justified GB’s (with the greatest respect to the Welsh and Scots) fans behaviour , your sadly mistaken my friend.

        Your last line summed you and this article up ‘ theres plenty more where that came from’

        Spiteful, deluded, unapolagetic and sad.

        Grow up

        • Brian Mitchell – 1. It is you, not I, that made the link between Hamman being German to him being a Nazi. I implied nothing of the sort. Hamman suggested that booing someone who racially abused someone else is not part of the Olympic spirit. I’m sure the Olympic spirit in Nazi German would have ensured there was no issue with racism, but in this day and age, fans rightly shun racist activity. Strange that you jumped to that conclusion.

          2. The national anthem wasn’t booed. As I said in the article (obviously you didn’t bother to read it before getting in a flap), the booing took place when Suarez’s face was on the big screen.

          And I do hope fans continue to boo Suarez. Fans are booed in this country for being cheats (which Suarez is) so players guilty of racially abusing people certainly deserve to be booed.

  19. This article is spot on.

    Even if you ignore the fact he is a proven racist, its obvious that Luis Suarez is a real scumbag in so many ways.

    Nobody should be surprised he gets booed, he deserves all of it and then some.

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