Nasri describes Manchester United wall agony

Having come back from 2 goals down against Manchester United on derby day, Samir Nasri moved out of the way of the ball when Robin van Persie took a last minute freekick, allowing the reds to score and win the game. United moved six points clear of Manchester City as a result and the moment still haunts Nasri.

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  1. Is it me or did he Nasri not get subbed today?
    The cheapskate ignoring United for the ‘ Etihad ‘ money.
    Notably along with wee Carlos Tevez.
    All my wishes came true in one FA Cup final, the underdogs won as you.
    Every dog has there day; it’s just time.
    On the match money will not buy you class composure and thinking the subject through.
    On United as normal I thought the classiest bit of the whole FA Cup final was Roy Hodgson watching the match, with his eyes closed.
    You see the problem with our ‘ esteemed ‘ leaders of the beautiful game. City as far as I saw started the game with two English football players: Barry and Joe Hart, mind no worse than Arsenal I seem to recall?

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