May 112013

Having come back from 2 goals down against Manchester United on derby day, Samir Nasri moved out of the way of the ball when Robin van Persie took a last minute freekick, allowing the reds to score and win the game. United moved six points clear of Manchester City as a result and the moment still haunts Nasri.

  One Response to “Nasri describes Manchester United wall agony”

  1. Is it me or did he Nasri not get subbed today?
    The cheapskate ignoring United for the ‘ Etihad ‘ money.
    Notably along with wee Carlos Tevez.
    All my wishes came true in one FA Cup final, the underdogs won as you.
    Every dog has there day; it’s just time.
    On the match money will not buy you class composure and thinking the subject through.
    On United as normal I thought the classiest bit of the whole FA Cup final was Roy Hodgson watching the match, with his eyes closed.
    You see the problem with our ‘ esteemed ‘ leaders of the beautiful game. City as far as I saw started the game with two English football players: Barry and Joe Hart, mind no worse than Arsenal I seem to recall?

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