PICTURE: Chelsea banner lets Benitez know what fans think of him

As the third goal hit the back of the net, confirming Chelsea’s defeat, travelling fans held up their banner to let the new manager know exactly what they thought of him.

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  1. Morgan Stanley | December 1, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    Time for Chelsea to act,very poor game no potency in strikers ,lazy defensive midfilders,Lapsing keeper, it just saccs, very vulnarable defense- This is no world class team- Its not about the manager,theres no team to manage- Roman- hope u are watching- The fans have told u, its ur time to reciprocate and give them a January present othewise!chelsea will finish number 15

  2. What is a fun thought is imagine if Abramovic buggered off…… They would go down like a sack of crap!

    Chelsea “fans” would prob end up supporting Fulham and that would be that…can’t wait.

    The only reason Chelsea are not sitting at the bottom of the second division is RA’s money. Keep taunting him you idiots…..let’s see where that gets you!

  3. If roman makes decisions that the vast majority do not like as paying customers we have a right to say! One thing for sure they will get no more of my money until Benitez is gone!

    • U Chelsea mugs are so full of it…where would u be without the Russian mafias millions? At best second div….total muppets the lot of u…..hope he leaves and then you will drop like a sack of turds u really are

  4. It is about time RA realizes that he does not unilaterally own the team. The players, the supporters and well wishers have stakes in the team. My advised to RA can be summarized in this saying ” if you urinate on the same spot, the urine becomes foamy”. In other words, consistency is vital for progress. If there is a owner whose name is so common when a club is mentioned, then there is a problem with that owner. Look at MU, AS and MU, hardly do people know their owners, because the managers are in charge. The problem is with you RA. Learn to be patient with players and stop interrupting. Shame. I think you should rather go.

    • Mug, mug, mug. I really wish ra drops you like the stinking turd u r….so glad if u return to mediocre rubbish u were before Russian gangster millions won u trophies….mug.

  5. Roman abramovich – blues (chelsea) destroyer. Chelsea are in quagmire today becoz of his ill-advised decisions.

    • Idiot. Chelsea would be nothing more than second div rubbish if it were not for ra….complete Chelsea mug…..go way you little pikey.

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