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PICTURE: Dramatic U-turn by Arsenal fan Piers Morgan on Liverpool striker

Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan, has been quick to criticise the Premier League’s most unpopular player, Luis Suarez, over the years. “Cheat”, “pathetic”, “cannibal” and “berk” are amongst the names Morgan has used to describe the Liverpool striker. He also claimed he would be “disgusted” if an Arsenal player behaved the way Suarez has.

Then Arsenal put in a £40,000,001 offer in for the player and Morgan changes his tune.

12 Responses to “PICTURE: Dramatic U-turn by Arsenal fan Piers Morgan on Liverpool striker”

  1. Ross says:

    U turn? What a load of rubbish. Where has he gone back on anything he said? It’s sure not amongst those tweets above.

  2. dave says:

    who cares what morgan thinks about anything? he’s one of the most disliked and ridiculed people in the entire country. and is a proven phone hacker. classy guy.

  3. Mad says:

    This man is the most 2 faced hypocrite on the planet”what a fool”

  4. Jeroen says:

    This guy is just the epitome of a douchebag. Why the hell he has so many twitter followers and keeps getting good TV jobs baffles me. Unless some people actually enjoy getting pissed off.

  5. Boris says:

    What a cunt, he is an actual cunt.

  6. dvsgooner says:

    I am an Arsenal fan and would be disgusted to see Suarez at our club. I thought Arsenal still had some class left from the old days, but I was wrong. One of the few other persons I’d rather not see associated with our club at any cost is the “man” himself, Piers Morgan. Unfortunately the attention-seeking media whore is spreading his shit everywhere, and we, The Arsenal, will probably not get rid of him in the near future. Please ignore EVERYTHING that person says. He is not worth it and this article should be removed.

    Suarez > Morgan

  7. Harry Barracuda says:

    What a twat.

  8. Ted says:

    “Then Arsenal put in a £40,000,001 offer in for the player and Morgan changes his tune.”

    Except, as the screenshots show, he said he’d take Suarez at Arsenal months before Arsenal reportedly expressed an interest.

  9. steveekay says:

    This just shows what a hypercritical bit of ****** he is, just like all celebs, a question, if all the celebs in the world dissapeared what would change ——– NOTHING, if all the police, nurses, firemen, doctors etc etc (this certainly does not include politicians) dissapeared what would happen —— CHAOS.

  10. Gooner says:

    He tweeted on the 10th of Jan that he’d take Suarez in a ‘tenth of a hearbeat’… does that mean that he had a dramatic u-turn once arsenal made a bid?

  11. Ilorin says:

    Arsenal need a quality play

  12. timadog says:

    Well noted… embarrassing for Piers….

    Football is tribal and if the player’s yours he’s god and if he’s not he’s evil (even more so if he’s good against your team). It’s simple.

    For sure Piers will be back to hating if Suarez doesn’t join Arsenal.


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