PICTURE: Thai Liverpool fans mock Manchester United tragedy

Ahead of Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Thailand courtesy of goals from Philippe Coutinho, Iago Aspas, Steven Gerrard, Thai Liverpool fans were spotted with a banner referencing the Munich Air Disaster in 1958. 23 people, including 8 Manchester United players, died in the tragedy.

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  1. Even as a Liverpool supporter, I find this disturbing and feel that these Thai fans should apologise. This is distasteful.

    • Kap sori kap . I Liverpool fan too. Please not sepeak like this
      Ok ? Not kood. Very Shy ok ? We have 96 Hiillsborough same same
      so not speak bad ok. People die already . Not talk bad ok ? Talk bad abou Alex the Red Nosed Devil no proprem. Not dead peopo ok kap . Even we die YNWA ok ? Love Kap !

  2. They have been going on about Munich since it happened, but once they had a tragic event of there own it all had to stop . People who live in glass houses springs to mind .

  3. I went to a Liverpool v Man U youth game at Anfield 2 seasons ago. About 100 Man U fans turned up and spent the match chanting about Hillsborough. You then did the same at a u21 game this year at St Helens, and one of your fans ran on the pitch and attacked a Liverpool player. Where was your posting about any of that? Nowhere is the answer because as per usual you are all in denial about everything. There are idiots at every club the issue is that you can’t deal with it. Just ignore it you muppets.

    • Andy I have to agree, every club has it’s clowns and they are put in their place by genuine supporters but this is not the case at United, they either bury their heads in the sand, say it was a set up, or like Holocaust denialists say it never happened.

    • You sound just as thick as the muppets holding the banner. Typical scouser !! Grow up you fool !!

      • I’m sorry Kev but it’s got to the point where I can’t apologise anymore. The people with banners are clowns. But, what I said about Utd fans at Anfield and St Helens is true. I was there. The anfield thing was a set up. United fans specifically asked for lots of tickets and were put in the anfield road end, (usually only the KOP opens for youth games). You brought banners and sang for the whole game about Hillsborough. It was disgraceful, but, no one from Man U has ever apologised in print and no one ever accepts that it happened. Your fans are as bad and tbh worse than pretty much everyone else. But, instead of accepting that all your blog sites do is look for stuff like this photo and go “aren’t Liverpool disgusting wheras we are saints” Well, you ain’t sorry.

        • All teams have idiot supporters the best we can do is try to ignore it and the clubs whose supporters sing songs and display banners about it should condemn it as for the u21 game between Liverpool and united I was there with my son and should say we Liverpool fans and I’m ashamed to say that I heard our fans sing about Munich before I heard any songs about Hillsborough even saw a kid about 11 singing about Munich shame on us and utd

        • Andy, that is the most idiotic reasoning I have ever seen. Because some stupid Man Utd fans did that, I will not apologise for the stupid Liverpool fans. Ok, I’m a United fan.. Sorry for what they did. That is terrible, genuinely. Now can you grow up a little and instead of going on the attack once more, just accept that this is also terrible. Honestly, you come across as one of the immature ones too when you retaliate rather than admitting the banner is wrong. Pathetic.

  4. I agree ban them all but rules must be the same for everyone .

  5. As a Liverpool fan.. I’ve got to say this is shameful and horrible.. Especially in the midst of all the positivity that’s come from the fans that we’ve seen on tour.. 95,000 people singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in Melbourne etc.

    I can only hope that a language barrier or something means these people don’t appreciate what the banner implies or means..

  6. this is really sad, but seriously where are you when its united fans doing the naughties, NOWHERE

  7. steven mcauley | July 28, 2013 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    you get knobheads EVERYWHERE!!!

  8. tom hallahan | July 28, 2013 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    Not cool. My hatred of Manure is absolute. Almost as much as I love Liverpool – but this is unwarranted and in very poor taste

  9. It doesnt matter whose fans did what. On this occasion its our fans and this sort of behaviour cant be justified or tolerated. Displays like this from fans are borne out of ignorance. Hopefully no matter how fierce the rivalry between United and Liverpool most United fans will know that these sort of views come from a small minority of Liverpools fans and most of our fans can associate with the great loss that your club suffered as a result of Munich. YNWA

  10. There’s always these kind of people where ever you are I’m sure it’s the minority not the majority who would do something like this.It wouldn’t even cross my mind to mock Liverpool’s tragedies but without blowing my own trumpet I’m civilized.

  11. It’s obviously fake… he’s actually holding a red banner. God… notice how the real red banner haven’t been erased correctly and thus just disappears into the white crap.


    • how does that show he’s holding a red banner???? the string or whatever is in his hand is red which is there to tie it up in the stadium or elsewhere doesn’t mean it’s fake


  12. Not on that, a tragedy is a tragedy. If your gonna be c**t, bin the shirt and support your local team. We don’t want want ya. YNWA JFT96

  13. Is it 1999 no it's 20 | July 28, 2013 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    Distasteful, pathetic display and for once we are not talking about Suarez. Still it’s probably somebody else’s fault it always is isn’t it.

    I think there is a difference between idiots at a game between the two sides clashing. And going out of your way to print a banner mocking dead people and implying a retired Manager should join them.

    That said good luck for 2013-2014 season.

    • Totally agree with you. Weve acheived what you havnt done in years. Fighting for a champions league spot and have the face to come up and want our manager to do to hell. I believe you guys need to get tour priorities straight. Love your own club and manager rather than hating the most successful club in england. Its disgusting as it is disturbing. Its blood boiling for every united supporter. Get 20 and then talk
      #ggmu #thankyousiralex

  14. Assuming your family is among of people died in Munich disaster would you happy with what this stupid Liverpool fan write?.To all you Liverpool fans that you support that fool fan.

  15. BroughtonDessie | July 28, 2013 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    The worst thing is the families of those who lost their lives will probably see it.

  16. This is disturbing,ain’t cool for liverpool fans to do this but compare to those manure fans they’ve done worse so its kinda get to their nerve stuff and ilove it.

  17. As a Liverpool fan this is a disgrace which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. No tragedy where lives have been lost should be mocked, it doesn’t matter what team you support respect the dead.

    The few idiots who do these sorts of things be it LFC or Utd fans need should be named and shamed and publicly humiliated.

    Also don’t judge the MAJORITY by the actions of a MINORITY…

    • Brian Taylor | July 28, 2013 at 4:25 pm | Reply

      I must say as a Man Utd that Zahid has made the only sensible
      Posting to date and echo is sentiments entirely and it’s about time
      Sets of supporters brought these distaseable acts to an end and stick to
      Supporting our teams and each others in a respectful way!!!!


  18. Death to Thailand!!

    • I don’t think all the Man Utd fans in Thailand would like you saying that you plank…

      Don’t judge the MAJORITY by the actions of a MINORITY!!

  19. Of all the thousands of times the Mancs put up anti-Liverpool messages about Heysel and Hillsbrough, none of them were worthy of reporting and this is disturbing? As much as I don’t like to see people remind of tragedies, I applaud these fans for their courage in standing up against pro-Manc media who approve of what Manc fans are doing.

  20. john stephenson | July 28, 2013 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    Why oh Why is there so much hatred in football between fans of opposing teams. I just cannot understand the immature childish attitude of these people…..obviously of low intelligence.
    I am 67 years of age…and have been a united fan for 60 of those years…..during which time I held a season ticket for 37 years….attending in that time thousands of matches….both home and away.When football is broken down to its basics….it,s just 22 persons….kicking a ball round a field……nothing to get over-excited to such an extent that hatred has to be incurred.

  21. Edgar Davids | July 28, 2013 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    WOW look at the amazing English and grammar skills they posses, surely this is testimonial to the standard at which these two are educated. Not that it is at all obvious, from what they are attempting to imply with there moronic banner.

    • It has always amazed me how football fans have managed to abuse the wonderful opportunities of modern day communications and just filled them out with hate and mindless comments.

      The Internet has given a freedom to speak you mind and make contact with the World in a way that no other generations have ever enjoyed.

      One would think that better communication would be of interest and benefit to everyone, in a positive way, but the hatred and filth that is spoken in many fans forums has led to banners like this appearing in countries where the only football culture they really identify with is that we serve them from our mindless abuse of football journalism.

      Those guys in this photo think this is what is expected of them. They have no other connection to the tragedies we have suffered other than the way we portray them online.

      I for one have always had the greatest respect for Liverpool football club. As a child I was thrilled by their football and their European exploits. I loved their visits to Old Trafford and the relative success United enjoyed in these fixtures back then. I loved it for a while when United took over domestic dominance but slowly felt sorrow and then outrage as Liverpool was taken to the brink by the previous owners.

      I have a pride in the fact that the North West has made football history that no other region in the World can compare with. 4 great teams in my lifetime, and other teams like Bolton, Burnley, Blackburn and Blackpool that enjoy a rich history alongside the present giants of United, Liverpool, Everton and City.

      Two great cities are separated by a few miles and sorry excuses to hate. Reasons, stories from centuries ago are held onto; the tragic events that were inflicted on people of that age by the money grabbers and fat cats of that era are used as a background for the senseless need to inflict mindless aggression today.

      Sport is never a thing of hate. Often it is a thing of beauty and pride. Football fans have generally lost this perspective and the ‘requirement” to show any athlete and entertainer the respect their skills and dedication deserve.

      Support your club, delight in their achievements, but respect the efforts and skills of your opponents. Appreciate that above all else because by that is the true measure of your own club’s success.

  22. John Wickham | July 29, 2013 at 9:09 am | Reply

    It’s Idiots like these that spoil it for Genuine Fan’s, they dont’t even look Old enough to have been around on 15th April 1989.

    Its always the Minority that spoil it, it’s a pity the Club dont find out who they are as its a pretty clear Picture and disown them.

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