PICTURE: West Brom release DVD after victory over Manchester United

After beating Manchester United 2-1 last weekend, West Brom have released a DVD to document the occasion. The DVD, which the official club site names “The Impossible Dream”, can be yours for just £9.99.

5 Comments on "PICTURE: West Brom release DVD after victory over Manchester United"

  1. HAHAHAHAAH a dvd after just one visctiory over united….the season just began….west brom…you losers!!

  2. Really? Just… Really?

  3. The Bhatti Brothers | October 4, 2013 at 9:06 pm | Reply

    Look, any visctiory is worth a DVD.

  4. omg it only took you 35 years to act like you won the league that day, #MUPPETS

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