Jul 132013

Chelsea have landed in Bangkok for their pre-season tour. Their first game is in four days from now against Singha All Stars. They then move on to Kuala Lumpa to play Malaysia XI. Next stop is Jakarta for the BNI Indonesia All Stars.

  2 Responses to “PICTURES: Chelsea on tour”

  1. Wow””””’so beautiful I luv seeing tinz like this, I wish my team all the best””””’luv u guyz including my best coach in d world one and only d special and happy one********JOSE. MOURINHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHELSEA till I casket

  2. All the best dead , actions , dribling , atterking , goals , are for You my Team this pre and Season ,,,,,,,,,,
    so therefor don’t fear anyteam and be Middle Finger to the Lord,,,,,
    NICE ONE @ JOSE and you too my GUYS

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