VIDEO: Cazorla’s embarrassing dive for Arsenal against West Brom

10 Comments on "VIDEO: Cazorla’s embarrassing dive for Arsenal against West Brom"

  1. Hahaha! This is a bit effing rich coming from a man u fan! Ashley Young anyone????????????? If, and it’s still an if, Cazorla dived then ban him from ALL football for a month and give that months wages to charity, but do the same with every player that dives *cough*ashley young*cough*.

    • cazorla the ballerina | December 9, 2012 at 10:54 am | Reply

      If and its still a IF i think somebody needs to wobble his head watch the video again without your tint of red specs

  2. Jesus H; what about St Rooney of Everton and his antics? The Gorbals gangster has been trying to condition the refs by moaning about the penalties that the Qataris get at their dump, ahead of tomorrow’s bore-fest. Take the log out of your own eye first.

  3. The game is becoming a joke – like professional wrestling. Simulation, and making believe you are hurt when you never got touched is a cheating disgrace. Anyone diving needs to be banned 5 games, no matter who it is.

  4. It’s not a dive! Look closely and you’ll see he’s been given a painful ankle tap. Sorry whiners the ref got it right.

    • cazorla the ballerina | December 9, 2012 at 10:56 am | Reply

      Its not a dive dave rave says hahahahahaha was you in wengers press conference???? same old arsenal never see the dirt they produce but forever moan when it goes against them

  5. Why is Cazorla’s dive the only one being talked about, Rosenberg from W.B.A. put on a clinic on how not to do one.

  6. I bet Arsene didn’t see that one.

  7. Cazorla’s a dirty cheat same old arsenal always cheating!! The fa need to do somthing about this, ban the prat, fine him what ever but thats a disgrace but no suprised being he is wearing an arsenal shirt!! And arsene how can he even try and defend him before he even saw the reply typical moron!! Thing arsenal football club should be fined big time to try and stop ťhem cheating just remember arsenal ur no the team u was and cheating is noway to go about winning a game of football!Spurs are by fair a better team than you now just hope someone steps in and gives arsenal football club and cazorla the best action to stop this happening again!! Hope your all proud arsenal of your players and management arsenal fans because your a complete joke of a

  8. Boing boing super Albion!! Proud to be a baggie!! You carnt be proud to support arsenal cheating diving morons!! Boing boing

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