VIDEO: Liverpool striker caught cheating… again

During Liverpool’s crucial game against Norwich this afternoon, Luis Suarez was caught on camera cheating again.

After initially going down as though someone had broken his leg, he jumped up without as much as a limp the second Liverpool regained possession.

It’s a shame that a player with such obvious skill spoils himself by being the biggest cheat in the Premier League.

5 Comments on "VIDEO: Liverpool striker caught cheating… again"

  1. LeRoy’s studs caught Luis on the shins….tht would hv hurt. Anyone who has played the game know how painful tht is….

    Its Luis’ determination to score that got him to chase the ball afterwards….y is tht cheating?

  2. What of the studs he took down the shin you idiot? So he gets up? He’s a fighter and you’re a bitter wanker.

    • No point in pointing out the obvious, idiots like him just want to put the guy down no matter what. The fact he took it and got up, when most wouldn’t doesn’t count for anything for people like him. If anything it was a bad tackle that should have received a yellow card at the least

  3. Apandi Bin Dan | April 20, 2014 at 2:18 pm | Reply

    Biggest cheat. Hahaha.. No. No. No. Suarez suffer a lots of bad tackles by Norwich players. But God loves him & Liverpool Fc so he cured immediately knowing Sturidge injured.

  4. Someone is bitter.

    “And now you’re gonna believe us”

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