Jan 292014

Manchester United target Toni Kroos was angry to be subbed after in tonight’s game against Stuttgart. With an hour played and Bayern Munich a goal behind, Kroos was replaced by Claudio Piazarro.

Kroos went to the bench without shaking his team mates’ hands, before angrily throwing his gloves to the floor.

With his contract set to expire next summer and the player keen to improve his salary, Bayern Munich are reluctant to put him on the same level as the likes of Lahm and Ribery.

Kroos admitted this week that he was unsure about his future, whilst Pep Guardiola insisted he thought the player was important but didn’t know what was going to happen in the future.

David Moyes went to watch Kroos play last Friday with Steve Round and Phil Neville. With two days before the transfer window closes, can Manchester United take advantage of this temper tantrum?

  4 Responses to “VIDEO: Manchester United target angry after early sub”

  1. As a Man United supporter i found this clip very encouraging and equally good news. I hope Mr Moyes now takes advantage, by picking up the phone and offering Bayern £25 million and Kroos a double the salary wage deal!

  2. Yes,Mr.Moyes shd luk fast n make a koll,dat was d same reason mata left frm chelsea,plsss moyes wat r u wastn tym in signin toni,yyyyy?

  3. mr moyes kroo will be great in ur Square sir.

  4. Jst come kroose u re great prayer

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