VIDEO: Tottenham Hotspur’s Rose sent off for being racially abused

Danny Rose was sent off for reacting to what appears to be racial abuse in England U21’s 1-0 victory against Serbia U21s.

“I think there one or two racist incidents from the crowd, they’ve been reported to Uefa I believe by ourselves, and it’s in their hands now,” said U21 boss Stuart Pearce. “I’m very proud of my staff and players, I must say. It’s very sad to be fair, [but] we’re united as a team and a staff. I never like to see a football match end like that.”

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  1. Serbia looks like it should be banned for a while .. blatant kicks aimed at Danny and all round insanity .. UEFA will be shown to be toothless if they do not make an example of this.

  2. Absolute *unts comes to mind.
    Yet another example of eastern european ignorance to the world.

  3. My Heart Is White | October 16, 2012 at 11:40 pm | Reply

    Yeah well we all know that the serbs are a bunch of brainless thugs, not fit to eat my sh_t! Must be close relatives of the nazi’s. I can’t actually think of something that’s disgusting enough to call them, words don’t go that far. All, I can say is their mothers must of had the most disgusting (unts to have given birth to scum like that!

  4. what a poor site to see, a young English lad being abused and then sent off after the whistle has been blown, the lad was a leading example of professionalism and who could blame him for venting a little frustration, Danny Rose is a top footballer and will soon be a first ten regular for England. as a tottenham fan I enjoy watching him play and in all interviews I have seen with him he seems to be a polite young man with passion for the game and respect for his peers. what a disgrace the way he was treated not only by the home fans but by the referee and his assistance


  5. The Serbians are fucking animals…fans coaches players all as bad as each other. It’s a bloody football match for Christ sakes. UEFA need to come down hard on them

  6. look at all these stupid bigoted english fans, the video shows fk all but idiot youngsters on a park but fk it lets pretend you’re own fans are whiter than white who aren’t racist one little bit

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