What will French team make of Manchester City player attack?

During Manchester City’s 2-0 victory over Newcastle, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa was guilty of a nasty challenge on Samir Nasri.

City’s boss, Manuel Pellegrini has slammed the challenge and also indicated that the injury, which forced Nasri to be stretchered off, could be a serious one.

“The kick he made to Nasri was absolutely a red card directly,” he said. “Nasri has I think a serious injury to his knee, we will see tomorrow. I repeat it was a direct red card. It’s his medial ligament. We will see tomorrow what has happened with him.”

With the World Cup a few months away, people will be wondering my Yanga-Mbiwa would make such a reckless challenge on his French team mate.

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  1. Man city cant complain it wasnt as half as bad as the tackle on ben arfa nasri made it look worse

    • Oh shut up you idiot, Newcastle United refused to allow Nigel Dejong access to apologise to Ben Arfa, Newcastle fans and the media lynch mobbed Dejong on an international scale. Forcing his national team coach to drop him thus stopping him from representing his nation.

      Nigel Dejong was never the same player he was after that, you all destroyed him and he had to be sold on. Nigel Dejong was a great guy and fantastic footballer player, what happened was an accident and nothing more but you Newcastle fans are a bunch of tw@s.

      Your player today deliberately kicked out at Samir Nasri, it should have been a straight red card. Manchester City will be taking it to the FA as Manuel Pellgrini is furious over it, if it turns out Nasri has a serious injury and we lose him you can bet your soul City are coming to you and your player Pardew.

      • You Newcastle w@nkers, we’ve probably lost Nasri for the rest of the season. it’s being reported it may have ended any chance of him going to the Brazil World Cup with France.

  2. As an NUFC supporter, I agree Mbiwa should have walked. What about Tiote’s goal? Strangely not mentioned. How about a balanced view?

    • Here’s a balanced view, your player should have seen red straight away.

      Your player was in both ans off side position and in the way of Joe Hart stopping the keeper from even trying to save it, there was no guarantee Hart would have saved it but the facts are as I say they far. Joe Hart has confirmed the ref was right as Gouffran or what ever his name was was interfering with play.

    • Many goals are ruled off side when they are clearly on side, as a City fan i have witnessed this watching City many times before and will again!!
      You had three players off side when the goal was scored, One player had to move out of the way! who may of made contact with the ball!
      So get over it!! Pardew is a K##B!!
      Two of NUFC players should have been sent off!! and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa should be banned!!

  3. As a city fan ..I agree the ref was rubbish…if he had got the first decision correct and the tiote goal had correctly stood the Newcastle players would have been less agitated and nasri might not have been injured ?!…it would have been good to know the result without the intervention of a poor ref…are we still dodgy away from home or can we step up to the mark…still think we are quite a way off being the brilliant side we are being made out to be….Newcastle were excellent today..we were lucky …except for first goal cracking bit of play! But I think well need a bit of luck to end up on top in May

    • As a 38 year City fan I can say you’re an idiot, the goal was rightly disallowed. Joe Hart even says the decision was correct because Gouffran was blocking him thus interfering with play. They only controversy was that tw@ not getting a straight red for a deliberate kick at Nasri.

      • I’m a City fan and have to agree with Ju that you’re a f@ckin muppet. The goal should have stood, no Newcastle player was in between Joe Hart and the oncoming shot. Do you even know the rules? You’re embarrassing so wind your neck in.

      • I think Ju is a rag or a Toon fan on the wind up. He is no Blue that’s for sure

  4. Jew, don’t you think mentioning an offside decision in an article specifically about an injury would unbalance it? Daz, what has the Ben Arfa incident to do with this? Surely you’re not thinking about retribution are you? If so shame on you.

  5. ju,if your a city fan then what a wimp you are,the ref wrongly disallowed the goal and after reviewing it at half time he realised his mistake.thats not citys fault its the referee.,Because of this he allowed some of them players in black and white to get away with murder.Grow a pair of bollocks ju and stick up for your team,Newcastle got what they deserved today,nothing

  6. Yanga Mbiwa deserved a red card after a reckless challange on Nasri.that was intentionally.

  7. Then on Tiote,s disallowed goal.the newcastle man made a dummy to the keeper so rules wil stand rules regardless of which teams and from which angle did the player appeared offside.it stands as it is.

  8. Alan Pardue and Newcastle fans need to read the offside rule which states• If an attacker interferes with an opponent by either preventing them from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or movements or making a gesture or movement which deceives or distracts an opponent, then they are offside.If your interpretation was correct you could have all the opposing team in front of your goal and so long as the the ball didnt touch anybody on its way to the goal it wouldnt be classed as offside.Surely any player standing in front of is going to distract the goalkeeper

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