STATS: Why can Liverpool striker only score against rubbish teams?

Luis Suarez will likely win the Golden Boot this season after amassing an incredible 22 goals in 16 appearances. However, when looking at the games he has played in this season and the teams he has scored against, a strange pattern starts to emerge.

Sunderland – 19th – 2 goals
Crystal Palace – 20th – 1 goal
Newcastle – 8th – 0 goals
West Brom – 14th – 3 goals
Arsenal – 3rd – 0 goals
Fulham – 16h – 2 goals
Everton – 5th – 1 goal
Hull – 10th – 0 goals
Norwich – 15th – 4 goals
West Ham – 17th – 2 goals
Spurs – 6th – 2 goals
Cardiff – 18th – 2 goals
Manchester City – 1st – 0 goals
Chelsea – 2nd – 0 goals
Hull – 10th – 1 goal
Stoke – 12th – 2 goals

Suarez has played against all the teams in the top four this season but hasn’t scored a single goal in those games.

An incredible 60% of the goals he’s scored this season have come against teams ranked 15th or lower. 82% of the goals he’s scored have been against teams in the bottom half of the table.

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  1. wow u pillock 22 goals is 22 goals why cant your team score against the top teams

  2. now list his assists you peanut, additionally I dont think everton, spurs are rubbish theyre ahead of the turds

  3. For your information Everton was 4th before we played stoke and he scored against them!!

  4. Maybe cause the top four have excellent defence who deal with him better and cut out his service?

  5. 3 away game against the top 3? Big fucking deal. He’s works harder for the team in those games, dropping deep and affecting midfield play. If you think this absurd stat says anything about his quality you’re either blind stupid or both.

  6. What a load of rubbish maybe BR should tell him to stop scoring then, aguero has also played against these teams

  7. An article trolling for comments!

    “Suarez has played against all the teams in the top four this season”…
    The top 4 at the time of this article include Liverpool.

    Those games also all happen to be away. Failing to score away against City, Chelsea and Arsenal (this season) isn’t ideal but it’s not criminal either. To be honest even if he fails to score against those sides at Anfield but keeps scoring against everyone else no one will care.

  8. Perhaps because the games against the other top teams have been away from home and mainly coincided with Sturridge or Coutinho (the other main goal threats) not being fit?

  9. Suarez scored against City with a free kick, against Man U at OT, and 2 goals against Chelsea home and away. Granted these were all last season but what difference does that make

  10. Silly Post# Question? does Messi, Costa Ronaldo score regularly against between themselves ie Barca, R/Madrid or A/Madrid. Look at Bale… is he actually scoring goals against lesser teams… no. I suggest u meditate in order to write a story of substance. Thnk You. YNWA

  11. Far too short-sighted a post, of course he is going to score more goals against worst teams, but to measure him in half a season (and what an incredible half a season at that) is ridiculous. When he first started playing I seem to remember him setting up 2 goals for Kuyts hat-trick against United. Since joining Liverpool he has scored 4 against Everton, 3 against Tottenham, 2 against Chelsea, 2 vs Arsenal and a goal a piece against City and United.

    He has scored less goals against Villa than Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea, Everton despite playing them the same amount in the league. Perhaps you should write a brilliant article on how Suarez only scores against Teams not called Aston Villa.

    Also I would wager that most top strikers score the majority of their goals against lower league teams, perhaps a comparison to other top strikers would be in order.

  12. What do you need better than this he was meking the 2 goals against chelsea and man city but we are saing 10q god becouse he was not brokn in thes 2 games if you see this2 game you see how many fouls on suarez

  13. Hahahahahahaha. You are not serious….hahahahhahaha

  14. I remember people were saying the same about Ronaldo in his time in England. Against City Suarez should’ve had 2 or 3 lovely assists but for the linesman and bad finishing and against Chelsea was taken down for a stone wall penalty. 22 goals in 16 games, 10 goals in one month, first player to score 2 of more goals in a row for 4 games, And people still hating LOL Liverpool were away to Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Newcastle, do you not think that had something to do with it genius? You seen with Sturridge back how Suarez is a better player and if SAS stay fit I think Suarez will score more against the big boys at Anfield.

  15. Now wuts ur point who ever u support?hw many goals has ur team strikers score against ur so call crap teams i reckon nothing just more jealousy en envy but do mention the qaulity of luis goals u stupid fool

  16. William Mwegoha | January 12, 2014 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    Does it matter as long as LFC stay in top 4? It is these so called ‘lesser teams’ that Liverpool have been struggling against for a few years. Keep on banging the goals and let the fans enjoy the feast

  17. the problem is in a 38 game season u only have 8-10 so called big games.That leaves 30 games against rubbish teams.i wd rather have a 30 rubbish game striker than an 8-10 big game one

  18. And these stats are only from this season, last season Suarez scored 1 against arsenal, 1 against man city, 2 against Chelsea.

  19. Maybe not this season but he scored against Citeh, Chelski and Everton last season.

  20. Stop foolish ideas,if you real know footbal dat point iz useless,remember no player can score if is limeted to get ball from team-mates,dat is what theso teams did vs suarez,rooney fail vs liver,eve,ch,arsnal,castle, does dat mean he is poor? stupid!

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