Why do people hate Chelsea?

The blogger from Chelsea Daft wrote an article attempting to answer why people hate Chelsea.

Whilst the main points were a jumbled mess of reasons why he personally wasn’t a glory supporter and how all Chelsea have done is mimic the spending of other clubs (obviously ignoring this), he struggled to produce even a semi coherent argument.

Regardless, it was his first go at writing for BFTGT, so I made all the grammatical changes required and gave him the benefit of the doubt. The picture I chose to accompany the article is the one to the left. Why? Because I felt that picture goes some way to answering why people hate Chelsea, therefore entirely relevant to the title of the article.

I have since been asked to delete the article because of the picture I chose by the blogger at Chelsea Daft. I published his ranty e-mail in its place but then threats of legal action from Chelsea Daft’s Twitter account appeared (but were then deleted).

It is fairly ironic that the blogger at Chelsea Daft did a better job of addressing why people hate Chelsea with his petulant response to a photo selected to go with his ramblings than he did with his original “article”.

So, in the absence of any article, we will fill this space with a picture montage of the reasons why people hate Chelsea… (I would include a logo for Chelsea Daft in this section, but the delicate little flower might threaten us with legal action again)

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  1. financial doping is the main reason.

    granted, even with loads of money it isn’t easy to win the major trophies, but people resent that Chelsea (and City and PSG) have bypassed more traditional, ‘organic’ means of achieving success. there are no real consequences to bad decisions at Chelsea, because Roman can just buy the solution to whatever problem he faces. call it envy.

    no doubt, there have always been big clubs who could outspend rivals, but the disparity in the post-Abramovich era is unprecedented. also, the degree of player wage inflation and subsequent widespread indebtedness spawned by the ridiculous contract offers that have to be made to attract the first wave of big signings has clearly been bad for European football (hence Financial Fair Play).

    however, it’s perfectly reasonable for you, as a Chelsea fan, to feel the ends justify the means. in truth, many of the same people who hate your club simultaneously criticise Arsenal for not matching the salaries clubs like City and Chelsea have made the going rate for top players.

    also, (some) people hate high profile, successful teams. even squeaky clean Spain have faced a backlash. it’s a compliment of sorts. and if you keep winning trophies, you’ll need to get used to the ‘plastic fan’ thing. I’m always bemused when, say, a Man United fan traces his Salford heritage back generations, to prove he’s authentic. just enjoy your success.

    unpopular players, like Cole and Terry, also contribute to people hating Chelsea. it’s not just you. for example, I think the Luis Suarez affair has made Liverpool a lot less palatable for many neutrals.

  2. bluefan since watchin ZOLA | August 23, 2012 at 11:04 am | Reply

    i agree with ur article except when u say fans after 2004 are plastic!!!i started watchin fottbal from 2000 when i was 13 years and since then i have been a true blue and will be a blue till i die .,,.plastic fans are those who dont know abt football and support jus for winning ,. i have had sleepness nights watchin livepool ghost goal, terry penaty miss and had the greatest day of my life when we won the UCL!! KTBFFH!!!!

  3. How many Chelsea fans attended Stamford Bridge when they last got relegated? Modern football has produced the modern football ‘fan’. Someone that latches onto something that will allow them to experience high end success. Old skool Chelsea fans are mostly racist idiots. One or two are fine, the rest sit in their seats and check house prices on their Blackberries.

    Petulant little club.

  4. The attitude of many chelsea fans certainly doesn’t help. One of only three clubs who still persistantly indulge in anti-semetic abuse. Their version of ‘oh when the saints’ typifies the chelsea attitude – ‘when chelsea go steaming in’. There is certainly a core of Chelsea fans who feel they need to live up to the old headhunters routine.

  5. That was brilliant mate. Absolutely top. That really does sum up quite perfectly why people hate Chelsea. What a great example that was.

  6. Haha. Nice one Scott.

  7. To the editor: to criticise someone’s writing style or ability in public lacks class as does publishing a private email.

    From a web-design point of view you might want to look at your horizontal main menu, it wraps around on to two lines and doesn’t look as good as it could.

    @spooky. “Old skool Chelsea fans are mostly racist idiots. One or two are fine, the rest sit in their seats and check house prices on their Blackberries” ironic tarring majority with one brush yet you call Chelsea fans racists – if i said all spurs fans sit at WHL worrying about diamond prices and The Arsenal you would probably think it was racist too right.

    I started supporting Chelsea in 89/90 when i was 6, am I plastic because i wasn’t around earlier in the 80’s when we weren’t very good or have i just been very fortunate like my father to fall in love with a club that has gone on to be successful more successful than many others who hate Chelsea now because of nothing more than jealousy.

  8. main reason i hate chelsea is that some oligarch or in other words thief of the worst kind (his billions stolen from ordinary russian people not from the rich) is allowed to do whatever he want’s in this money obsessed country. he should be in jail for a very long sentence instead of splashing stolen and bloodied billions on fucking mercinaries

  9. A) Financial Doping
    B) Blind, loud annoying fans who cry foul at any opportunity and refuse to believe that Cole, Terry and Drogba are nothing less than saints and legends of the cfc.

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