£180,000-A-Week Manchester United Star Confirms He Could Leave

Barely a month after joining Manchester United, Angel Di Maria has recently disclosed he will be ending his career at Club Rosario Central where he started his career. Angel Di Maria is not the only high profile player that was produced by the Argentine club with the attacking midfielder clearly stating he has talked to Javier Mascherano and Ezekiel Lavezzi of a possible return to the club at the twilight of their career.

It’s interesting to know players are emotionally attached to the club they grow and start from. Angel Di Maria is not an exception in this case. The Argentine completed a British record transfer to Manchester United form Real Madrid last month and will hope Manchester United will be his last European club before joining his former team in Argentina. Although he still has a lengthy contract in Old Trafford, he won’t deny his love for Central and a move later on is definitely on the cards. Recently, Manchester United winger, Louis Nani was loaned back to the club he started from and it meant a lot to the player and the fans and the case of Ronaldo been wanted by Manchester United is also one of the clear indicators of players having emotional attachment to certain clubs they’ve played for. Treatment from fans, performances and understanding of the club’s policy and legacy are some of the many reasons why footballers get emotionally attached to former clubs.

The main motive for this is clear and some believes Di Maria may have just been thinking of an Old Trafford exit. No player in his right senses will think of such when he is presently at the peak of his career. His performances in Old Trafford will definitely improve with time although he has been on a good run of form since his arrival. Di Maria’s arrival together with that of RadamelFalcao will also see many more top names arrive Old Trafford if United can get to Europe next season. It is probably a tough call but the team is capable with the name s they possess and the fact that they are still finding a balance gives so much hope for the future.

Di Maria will definitely honour his contract at Old Trafford and a possible return of Ronaldo later on will aid his stay at the club. Going back to Central is a good move for the happiness of the player but it may not happen in the next 6 to 7 years with the player ready to help Manchester United secure a victory in their next English Premier League match against Everton as they bid for a top four place.

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