Louis Van Gaal Confirms "New" Left Forward Signing Is Done

5 most likely replacements for LVG at Man United

Manchester United manager has had the spotlight shined on his job after losing out on qualification for the next stage of the European Champions League and landing themselves in the Europa cup again. Fans immediately started clamoring for a new manager who might be able to turn things around and what this means is that Louis Van Gaal might be let go by the end of this season if he does not win any trophy.

Here is a list of five managers who could replace Van Gaal at Old Trafford if the Red Devils decide to sack him after all.

Antonio Conte

He is the present Italian national team coach but is being touted to replace LVG at Old Trafford if the Red Devils decide to sack him.

However, this might not be so plausible as LVG was a cup coach who was brought in to see if he could do much but he has not had it easy so far and this means Conte might also not be a viable candidate for the seat. Conte is a bit different with his approach and style however and this might just prove to be enough for the much-needed turnaround at the Old Trafford.

Pep Guardiola

Guardiola has stalled on the signing of an extension of his contract with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and looks to be interested in a move to the English Premier League but as a move to Manchester City might not be open if Pellegrini wins something and Chelsea might not be such a viable option, he might just prefer a move to Manchester United.

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian manager is presently on vacation but has recently stated that he would love to go back to the English Premier League to manage any available club. Although it is being speculated that he might want to go back to Chelsea as manager to replace Jose Mourinho but this does not look likely as he was dismissed in a very shameful way from Stamford Bridge last time there so he might prefer Old Trafford after all.

Diego Simeone

He is the present Atletico Madrid manager and has been firmly touted to replace Jose Mourinho at Chelsea but seeing that he might not be ready to leave Madrid until the season and seeing that Mourinho might not last till the end of the season, then it is easy to assume that he might be in line to replace LVG if all fails at the Old Trafford this season.

Robert Martinez

This is another manager that could be in line to replace LVG at Old Trafford if he is eventually let go. However, it is not sure that Martinez might want to leave Everton but if he does leave, it might be very beneficial to United as he will definitely come with one or two United targets at Everton.

It remains to be seen what the management at Old Trafford will do after all.


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