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5 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Beat Tottenham Tomorrow

The Gunners play their second derby match in the space of 4 days and will be hoping for a better outcome than their match against Chelsea as well as much better officiating as they square up against Tottenham. The Gunners have lost two consecutive matches and losing to Tottenham could be disastrous to the team’s morale. However, Arsenal have been tipped to bounce back to winning ways and here are a list of reasons why.

Quality Players : On a scale of quality, the Gunners out measure Tottenham by a considerable large margin. The Spurs squad consist of a little amount of quality players while the rest of the squad is made up of average players. Tottenham do not currently possess the kind of quality Arsenal have in the likes of Sanchez , Ozil, Cech and this has a great deal of potential to give Arsenal the edge over Tottenham.

Recovery : The Gunners will be looking to bounce back with a win having failed to win their last two matches losing to Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea. The manner at which the Gunners lost to Chelsea over the weekend will definitely add more rage to Arsenal’s thirst for a win. They will be approaching the game with all aspect of seriousness as they look to snap their two match losing streak.

Wenger’s Ability: Wenger may be hated by some Arsenal fans at the moment but you cannot help but credit the Frenchman’s technical ability to pull out brilliant performances with his tactics. Arsenal 2008 Champions League win over AC Milan and their 2-1 win over Barcelona in the 2011 Champions League are prime examples of Arsene Wenger’s tactical masterstroke. You can always expect something major from the Frenchman anytime and Wednesday could be just the day.

Arsenal’s Pride : The rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal dates as far back as their inception and still continues to brew stronger. Over the years, Tottenham have lived in the shadow of the Gunners and have tried effortlessly to come out that shadow but Arsenal have always managed to put them back in their place. This League cup clash between the two clubs could also be seen as a case of Tottenham trying to take a step ahead to come out of Arsenal’s shadow and Arsenal has always will be looking to remind them who the dominant force is between the two sides.

Fatigue : In terms of fitness, Arsenal fans should have the edge over Tottenham in that regards. Tottenham has not been known to possess a team with squad depth but yet the team are about to play their third game in the space of 6 days which should take its toll on the players.  The Gunners playing on Saturday and Tottenham playing on Sunday sees Arsenal having an extra day to keep their players refreshed for the match on Wednesday.

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