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5 Reasons Why Chelsea Should Buy Marco Reus

Chelsea are already looking at strengthening their squad this January as the club push for honours in all front this campaign. One player that could be making his way to Jose Mourinho side is German and Borussia Dortmund forward Marco Reus.

The attacking midfielder has been linked to the club in recent weeks and a move could be imminent. Jose Mourinho is looking to add one more attacking player to his side especially with Andre Schurrle not living up to expectations this season.

Reus has been a constant link to the Blues and the speculations are growing by the day and one begin to think how massive his signing will be for Chelsea if it eventually happens.

Reus is one of the best player of his age in his position and one that will leave Chelsea in a better shape if he joins the club hence, we look at what the German brings to the table that make him a must-sign for the Blues.

He is high profile and will boost the club’s commercials  – Marco Reus capture will rank as a high profile signing and, as always characteristic of such signings, there are always great sales of such player’s shirt across the club’s fan base around the world.

Reus will come in as a great signing and his shirt replica will be in great demand across the world. Clubs make most money from the sale of their player’s replica jerseys. And, if such player is a high profile player, there is even greater demand and sale of their replica shirts.

This is one way most clubs re-coup the the millions spent in buying the player in order to remain financially viable especially with the FFP law in place to check any financial misgivings from clubs. Chelsea can always recoup the money spent in the purchase of the German through the sale of his shirt. His shirt sale will surely generate a lot of revenue for the club.

He can play the 10 role – Reus is a versatile player and his versatility means he can play both as an attacking midfielder and as a striker. Playing him as a striker means the club will not be over-dependent on Diego Costa to get the goals week in week out.

It also means Costa can be rested in some games so as to keep him fresh and healthy all through the season with Reus taking his place in attack when he is not able to play. Reus has proven in his previous clubs that he can score good amount of goals when played as a Striker.

Reus can also play the no.10 role just behind the striker. This means we will have able replacement for Oscar especially considering the Brazilian inconsistency in performance through the season.

Reus will be a good replacement for Oscar or Fabregas in the no.10 role when there is need to rest players and with the season still a long way to go, with many matches still to play, there will be need to rest players in between game to keep them fresh and Reus will be of immense benefit to the club in that regards.

Upgrade on What Chelsea already has – Again Reus will be a massive upgrade on Willian at the right wing. He is more technically gifted, has good vision and his final ball delivery dwarfs that of Willian.

He can pick out the striker with a pin perfect cross and his intricate play means he can provide assists and also score goals better than the Brazilian.

Not taking anything away from Willian, his tireless runs and work rate has been second to none in the club this season, but Reus will offer us that with a little bit of intelligence.

Cheap – His £20 million quoted buy-out clause makes him come cheap considering his great abilities. At 25, he is at the point where his performance will peak in a season or two.

If signed at the quoted price, he will be a big bargain for the club. Chelsea will not need to break the bank to sign another hugely talented playmaker into their rank and will be getting more than they paid for from the services the German will give in years to come.


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