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5 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Beat West Ham

It is often said that you are as good as your last performance. In this case, we can as well assume that Manchester’s recent loss to Leicester City shows how weak the Old Trafford can be on their bad day. But, never mind all these, United will bounce back this weekend and the reasons are not far-fetched:

  • Home Turf

While the Red Devils have lost one game already at the Theatre of Dreams this season (opening day match against Swansea), the possibility of West Ham United going there to defeat them is really akin to a wild goose chase. Granted, they were defeated by Swansea, but this is West Ham and in my own opinion the two are not playing on the same level. Swansea plays good possession football with a bit of counter attacking. West Ham on the other hand are kings of hit and run football which is the traditional English game. Losing to Swansea at home in August and the defeat to Leicester City last weekend must have awaken the lads hence I expect them to up their game against the hammers and get the 3 maximum points.

  • Formation

It should be noted that Swansea were able to defeat the Red Devils on opening day based on the singular factor of the 3-5-2 formation which Van Gaal deployed. The personnel available were not suited for this formation and they struggled to understand and interpret their respective roles. The last two games that Manchester United has shifted to the conventional 4-4-2 has seen them play a better attacking football with a solid defense. Forget what happened against Leicester; that is a one-off

  • Available Personnel

Looking at the two teams on paper, anybody putting his money on West Ham does so at his or her own peril. A team that is blessed with a large assembly of stars against an averagely managed English team does not look to be on the same level. While accepting the fact that anything can happen in football, I refuse to submit to the proposition that West Ham has better players than Manchester United. And it is players that win matches.

  • Memories

Manchester United will want to erase the memories of last week’s defeat and the only way that can be achieved is by making absolute sure that they beat West Ham which in itself is not really a daunting task for the Red Devils.

  • compulsion

When something is termed as a compulsion, then the probability of success is always high. Imagine a scenario of a man who needs something so badly. Such individual will not care whose horse is gored, he would do all things possible and necessary to achieve his aim. That is exactly what I expect of Manchester United this weekend as any thing other than a win would prove too fatal to bear for them.

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