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6 Key Points from Arsenal vs Leicester – Ramsey Needs to Be Dropped, Welbeck Can Win Us the Title

Arsenal are finally back in the title race with a 2-1 home victory over Leicester City over the weekend. Gunners were set to lose the game with Vardy opening the score line and giving Foxes the lead just before half-time.

The score line remained unchanged until the 70th minute, when substitute, Theo Walcott scored an equaliser. The game was set to be a draw with both teams sharing the spoils but Arsenal wanted more and Danny Welbeck scored a 95th minute goal to give his team victory over Leicester.
Even though Arsenal are back in the race to win the Premier League, there are a few positives and negatives that can be taken out of the match.

Walcott and Giroud combo.
Arsenal struggles a lot less with goals with both the strikers on the pitch. The difference was clearly witnessed during the match against Leicester, when Walcott’s arrival created support for Giroud to attack head on.

Ramsey needs to be dropped.
The Welsh midfielder has had some phenomenal runs but lately he is missing the point. Ramsey has been poor in the recent games and has missed crucial chances to score a goal. Perhaps Wenger needs to drop him for a game or two.

Extra passes
In order to play beautiful fluid football, Arsenal forgets their main target is to score. The passing continues and lingers, and eventually returns to the goalkeeper, with never really leading to attack. This was witnessed a lot during the game and because of this Gunners never really appeared to be taking full advantage of Leicester being a man down.

Danny Welbeck can turn the season around
With Arsenal struggling to score, the return of Welbeck can prove immensely crucial if he stays in his top form. The last minute goal has given Arsenal their title hopes back and if Welbeck continues to score, Gunners’ title dream can become a reality.

Tough Fixture and Spurs on the tail
While Arsenal has cleared one hurdle and come closer to top place, there is still a long way to go. Gunners face Manchester United next and despite Van Gaal’s frustrating run, Gunners are known to struggle against United and Chelsea regardless of their seasonal form. They also have competition for the title as their arch-rivals, Spurs who are currently second on goal difference.

Mentality is key
Arsenal are phenomenal one moment and below average the next. One starts to wonder why the extreme fluctuation occurs within the same team, and the answer is simple. The team at time falters with mental strength, which Leicester doesn’t. It is this reason that Arsenal has failed to win both their matches against Chelsea. A mentally strong Arsenal becomes almost impossible to defeat.

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