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A Look At The Players Who Can Replace Injured Gareth Bale In Real Madrid XI

Real Madrid may have some very important decisions to make as to which players to rotate, start or bench from now on for their matches, especially with the injuries they are grappling with at them moment and most importantly Gareth Bale’s injury which has been specified indefinite for a return time at the moment.

The team which has been doing well since the start of the season will find this sad, especially under new manager Rafa Benitez.

Real Madrid suffered three injuries to their first team players against Shakhtar Donetsk when they lost Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane to injury.

Bale’s injury is however the most devastating of all the injuries and Real Madrid have revealed that the Welsh international will be out indefinitely as a statement on their website said: “The player has been diagnosed with a soleus muscle injury in his left leg. His condition will be evaluated.”

This injury would not have been a problem for Madrid ordinarily but with attacking midfielder and Colombian star James Rodriguez already out due to an injury, Rafa Benitez has a quick decision to make about who will replace Gareth Bale in the squad.

Isco is a player that could come in for Bale since his playing style is not so different from Bale’s and he has already spent some time with the squad to know just how to fit in into the Real Madrid playing style. He has played in all the wings up front for Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti and is one player that can be trusted to score and to create chances and his maturity too will have to come into consideration with the player needing more playing time to show his mettle.

Matteo Kovacic could also be made to replace Gareth Bale in the Madrid first team.  Not because he is such a better player than Isco but because the new manager seems to prefer him above all other players in that position at the moment. The young croatian midfielder made raised eyebrows when he was brought in to replace the injured Bale but Benitez defended his choice when he said, “If Bale doesn’t start, it’s open to anyone. Today [Kovacic] played due to the characteristics of the opponents but in future, Jese, Cheryshev or Lucas Vazquez could play.”

He is clearly not a player like Bale or Isco but has his own style of play which prefers sitting back more than Bale or and this might be better for Forwards who will have more balls to finish up front.

Jese Rodriguez is thethird player that could be brought in to replace Bale. However,  his addition to the squad might mean that Benitez has to change tactics and maybe Madrid’s style of play to be able to accomodate two forwards.

Yes, Bale has been used as a shadow striker so far but he has more ability to defend and stay in the midfield to help the team’s overall performance but Jese only knows how to go forward and get goals without contributing anything to the midfield or defence.

Benitez also mentioned Denis Cheryshev and Lucas Vazquez but I think it was just something he said to save face and not sound preferential and the truth is these two could never sideline any of the trio of Isco, Kovacic and Jese.

Madrid fans will be waiting to see who Benitez prefers to come in as a replacement for Bale but I hope Benitez will be objective enough to make the right decision.

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