A message for Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United – don’t milk the fans

Last night’s game at the Nou Camp confirmed that two German teams would be playing in the European Cup final at Wembley later this month. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund were worthy winners against the two best teams in Spain, whilst English sides made little impact on the competition. Chelsea and Manchester City couldn’t even make it past the group stages whilst Manchester United and Arsenal were knocked out in the Round of 16.

However, it’s not just the ability of the German teams we should be envious of, but their attitude towards fans. Whilst the Glazers have recently confirmed another price freeze for season tickets, the cost has risen dramatically since their takeover in 2005 and has priced many fans out. Still, the prices at Old Trafford are cheap compared to some of the clubs in London.

Arsenal charge up to £1955 for a season ticket (including up to seven cup games), Tottenham Hotspur up to £1845 and Chelsea up to £1250. QPR’s most expensive season ticket matches that of Manchester United’s, £950, whilst Newcastle charge as much as £909.

It’s not just the most expensive tickets that are an issue for fans though, but the cheapest too. At Arsenal the least you can pay for a season ticket is £985, £730 at Spurs, £725 at Liverpool and £595 at Chelsea. United’s cheapest is £532 and QPR’s is £500.

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has revealed their attitude to ticket prices, comparing how German clubs treat their fans with the English.

“We could charge more than £104,” he said. “Let’s say we charge £300. We’d get £2m more income but what is £2m to us? In a transfer discussion, you argue about that sum for five minutes. But the difference between £104 and £300 is huge for the fan. We do not think fans are like cows who you milk. Football has got to be for everybody. That’s the biggest difference between us and England.”

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