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Alex Neil, A Proper Away End & The Hills Have Eyes | A Week Of Wolves

Thirteen points clear of third now after our draw away at Preston. It was a weird sort of game again. We showed glimpses of brilliance at times, Cavaleiro especially. The Preston manager, Alex Neil has done magnificently well in the meantime to piss of the Wolves faithful after saying that Wolves players go down too easily blah, blah, blah. He failed to mention that his side have accumulated the most yellow cards in the division so far this season, wonder why that is, eh Alex? Wind yer neck in.

Both of John Welsh’s bookings were yellow cards no matter which way you look at it; they were late and didn’t win the ball, thus meaning it’s a yellow card. Welsh apologised on Twitter after the game saying he lets his teammates down or something to that effect. At least he knows he was in the wrong.

Do our players go down too easily at times? Possibly. Do they do it more than anybody else? Absolutely not? Our players, notably Jota, get seven shades of shit kicked out of them on a regular basis and the officials do nothing about it. Our players never con the officials, at least as far as I’ve seen this season, all they do is go down if there’s contact and with the way the officials tend to ignore the treatment of our players, I can’t blame them.

Keep It Down, Helder

The game itself against Preston was one that we should have won. Costa had a good chance in the first half, well the only chance of note anyway, he was played through and then he blazed over when if he had kept it on target it would’ve made Rudd work in the Preston goal. Browne gave the Lilywhites the lead not too long after the interval as he rose highest from a well-delivered corner from the left; I’ve watched back a few times and I’m still undecided who to blame so I’m just going to put it down to a well-worked set piece. That’ll do.

Welsh got sent off minutes later as he pulled Cavaleiro back without him even being over the halfway line. It was a stupid tackle and one of those that the commentators would say ‘he’s took one for the team’, the only issue with that is that Welsh had already done the same thing in the first half. Rightly sent off. That’s right, you heard Neil.

After the red card, it was all Wolves. We controlled the play, pass, pass, pass, pass. You get the picture. The goal was amazing, if it was in the Premier League or Champions League it would be lauded for weeks and months, but because it’s ‘just Wolves’ it will have barely got a second glance.

Cheers, Helder

Cavaleiro span away from three players, I’m not entirely sure how, Costa received the ball on his left and finished with his right after a somewhat lucky bounce after riding a tackle. The away end behind the goal went bang. Not one of those shitty ones where the fans just stand and clap. There were limbs all over the place.

Unfortunately, after that, we couldn’t get a second and it wasn’t down to lack of trying. Afobe came on, Bonatini came on. We were throwing the kitchen sink at them, annoyingly, Rudd didn’t really have a save to make, with the exception of one of Neves’ long drives. He only scores belters, that lad. 1-1 it was and that coupled with the good news from Craven Cottage that Villa had finally been found out, it was a good day all round because Preston had only lost once in a blue moon so a point is acceptable. Let’s hope there is similar glee from Craven Cottage this weekend, also…

One of the things I love about the Football League is that the games come thick and fast, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday and so on. This week we have Norwich on Wednesday, due to them playing last Sunday and Fulham on Saturday. 17:30 and under the lights. It was one of our best performances when we played Fulham at home earlier in the season; their footballing style suits us down to the ground and as it stands so far this season, no team has managed to out football us. Nobody will either, we are mint.

It’s Normal To Be Irrational If You’re From Norwich

We’ll beat Norwich, no drama at all. They have a weird hatred for us that I’ve never understood and they’re one of the teams that I don’t particularly care for. I remember a group of them in Wolves a few years ago singing “we only hate Wolves and Ipswich” or something along them lines and I was scratching my head trying to figure it out. Then again, if you’re brought up in Norwich, you can understand them being irrational, some of the characters down there seem to be more suited to the ‘Hills have Eyes’ than England. Never mind.

I’m going to go over some old ground here; we need to bring back reserve football, you know the proper stuff? We got dicked by Villa last night in the Under 23s, 6-1. I mean conceding six goals at any level isn’t good, but, when it’s to them Villa twats, it’s unacceptable.

We can’t even use the ‘weak squad approach’ because our starting eleven was on par to most of the Championship starting XI’s, let alone any U23s. Scott Sellars’ performance has to be looked at as our U23s haven’t been that good as of late and it annoys me that we don’t play the same formation as the first team. What’s the point in that? How can a centre half who plays in a two step up to play in a back three? It makes no sense. Change is afoot, one would imagine.

World Domination Will Be Ours

Our women’s side lost as well over the weekend to Coventry United, whoever they are so it’s not been a good few days really, with the exception of the men’s senior side. I would like to see us dominate women’s football and I do think that we will chuck some money at it once we’re established in the Premier League. We’ll win the lot, world domination is en route for us. Yes, it’s tongue in cheek, calm down. Well, it is slightly.

All things considered, if I was a betting man and luckily I am, I’d be backing us to beat Norwich and Fulham in a double at the tasty price of 4.26/1. Lump on.

Until the next time.

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