Alexis Sanchez Better Than Suarez?

Alexis Sanchez who has performed wonderfully for Arsenal this season following a fantastic last season with a record of 16 goals and 8 assists in the Prmeier League has been compared to former Liverpool player and now Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez.

The player scored 25 goals in all competitions last season and helped Arsenal to a successive FA Cup win and Arsene Wenger has publicly stated that he believes the player is better than he was at Barcelona and will only get better with each season at Arsenal and will prove very instrumental to Arsenal winning titles this season.

Arsene Wenger said in his comments about Sanchez that, β€œHe is already better than when he arrived. In his final finishing, there is room for improvement, in his final ball, he is already much better, his vision is quite good and incisive.” β€œI have had players like that but he has the style.”

Wenger also compared Sanchez to Suarez when he said, β€œthey are at the same level. Suarez is a central striker and Sanchez is a more wide player who likes to go up and down and is involved in dribbling.” β€œBut they have similarities.”

However, it can be widely argued that at the moment, Sanchez is way better than Suarez who is a main striker and only looks to scoring goals. Sanchez on the other hand wants to score goals and wants to contribute to other people scoring goals. Sanchez has the speed and the dribble which Suarez has but not up to Sanchez’s standards. Sanchez also has the die-hard feature and the discipline which Suarez obviously lacks.

Arsenal fans may not have forgiven Wenger for the irritating and asinine bid of Β£40,000,001 million that he made for Suarez in a bid to break his transfer clause but will definitely feel better that Sanchez came in instead especially with the fact that Suarez departure to Barcelona made it possible for Arsenal to sign Sanchez.

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