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Alternatives to Manchester United man’s under layers

Anyone who has tried playing football outdoors in the winter will know the importance of wearing thermals. As a keen footballer and runner, keeping myself hydrated and warm is essential to my performance and wellbeing. Vitally too, thermals prevent excessive muscle vibrations from occurring and, as such, can save you energy, but more importantly, can prevent muscle strains. You seen Wayne Rooney in them all year round.

It is therefore important for a sportsman to invest properly in a pair of thermals. However, with so many brands available online in various shapes, colours, sizes and materials, it is difficult to identify which pair to go for. As I currently own a pair of Nike Pro Combat Core 2.0 Compression, Nike Pro Combat Core Fitted 2.0 Long Sleeve and an O’Neill Thermo-X Long Sleeve Thermal Rash Vest, as well as a few others, I decided to try out a selection of thermal football base layers from the Sondico range. Fortunately, they didn’t disappoint.

The first thing I noticed about my Sondico Base Core LS Sn30 (Red) was that the material was of a superior quality than my O’Neill pair, and on par with the Nike top. It’s a very smooth and soft fabric, with excellent ventilation and comfort. It’s snugness provided warmth and it fits well too, giving it a ‘slim’ feel. For its price, you are receiving exceptional value for your money. Although not as thick as the Nike thermals, which are even more warming, the Sondico thermals are definitely worth a purchase if you’re not willing to spend the £45 or so a Nike would cost.

My pair of Sondico Core 6 shrt Dn30 (White) shorts proved equally as impressive. Their comfort and ventilation was as good as my Nike pair but only cost half the price. Overall, both items provided excellent value for money and so are highly recommended. 4/5

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