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Petr Cech Reveals How He Succed

Arsenal star reveals shocking secret behind his success

Chelsea legend and current Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has revealed a shocking secret that has contributed to his success over the years. The Czech goalkeeper says that playing Rock Band on PlayStation, along with former Chelsea teammate and goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini, has helped him in his goalkeeping over the years. His interest in the popular video game prompted him to learn the art of drumming and that, in turn, has made him a better goalkeeper, according to the player.

Some of the fans might not be aware of the fact that Cech is quite a proficient drummer now and has released quite a few videos of himself covering the hits of Nirvana, System of A Down, etc.

He told the Arsenal Weekly podcast: “I never played any instrument before and I never had a music lesson or anything like that. But then once with Carlo Cudicini, we played Rock Band on the Playstation and I jumped on the drums without ever playing it before. I had so much fun and realised how much I enjoyed it because I love music in general. I was always listening to music but I realised that actively participating in the song you enjoy listening to was even better.”

“It teaches you to use all four limbs in different ways. You need to find a way to co-ordinate things and, once you learn how to programme your brain to do that, it helps you to co-ordinate even for football. It is especially useful for a goalkeeper. There are so many things I learn on the drums that I can use in goalkeeping as well, because the hand-eye co-ordination and the independence on each of the limbs is helpful.”

The Czech goalkeeper signed for the Gunners from rivals Chelsea in the summer and he has already established himself as the vital member of Arsene Wenger’s team.


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