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Arsenal summer transfer budget revealed: Fans on Twitter shocked

Arsenal has never been big on signing expensive players. The Gunners have signed only two players for more than £30 million in the Arsene Wenger era, both in the last five years (Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez).

The Gunners were expected to spend big this summer as they came up short of winning the Premier League title this year.  The Gunner’s finances are not looking too hot and have only given Wenger a £54.1 million budget for new summer transfers.

That my friends, is not a very big budget for a team looking to win the Premier League. Arsenal have not won any major titles for some time now, but they are no small club.

Fans on Twitter, of course, already responded to that news.

The London giants were the only club in the Premier League to not sign any outfield players last year. Their only addition was former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, yet another reason their fans expected them to make a big splash this summer.

So, what’s the deal with Arsenal’s budget? No one is quite sure, but it seems Wenger will have to sell some players if he wants to get big names at The Emirates Stadium. Arsenal has been linked to talks with Borussia Monchengladbach to sign star midfielder Granit Xhaka, which will cost them around £33.8 million.

That move alone will leave Arsenal with a mere £20 million to compete against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and the newly crowned Leicester Foxes.

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