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Arsenal To FINALLY Sign A DM? Wilshere Injury Could Force Wenger’s Hand

Arsenal have been dealt a big injury blow as England international Jack Wilshere have been ruled out for a minimum of eight weeks due to injury sustained while in training for the club.

Arsenal are due to square up with West Ham next Monday, and are set to be without the England international in the next eight weeks or even more. Fans are eager to know what the manager’s decision or next move would be, considering the fact that expectations for next season are very high.

The loss is a big one considering the fact that he could also be played as a defensive midfielder. What this means at the moment is that the club only has Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta as the two recognisable defensive midfielders in the team; with the later not as reliable as the former due to old age.

Wenger now has no excuse not to go all out for another midfielder, especially since the club cannot afford to rely on Coquelin all season. Age seems to be catching up with Arteta, leaving the club with the risk of relying only on Coquelin.

With about 26 days left in the current transfer window, Wenger has a lot of work to do if he wants the team to go all out to challenge for the title next season.

While the injury to Wilshere is an unfortunate one, especially for a player who has been plagued by series of ankle injuries in the past; it presents the manager an opportunity to dip into the transfer market to get a replacement before the window closes.

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