Stories Of A Scout

A lot of people wonder about scouts and how all it works, well, I know that I did anyway. Did being the operative word! I was fortunate enough to chat with David Bujara who is a youth scout for a Football League Club and also does some freelancing work further down the pyramid. I dug […]

Walk This Way

There is meant to be a European Championships next year and a World Cup the year after, I bet you didn’t know that, did you? To be fair, neither did I before I had a very insightful chat with Adam Chandler who is the founder of ‘Walking Football Spain’ which is all do with the […]

Mickey Mouse Cup Anyway

As it goes, we lost to Swansea last night. I wasn’t arsed about it anyway. We made eight changes last night with Costa, Douglas and Doherty retaining their places from the draw at Barnsley last Saturday; Doherty and Douglas kept their places because we literally haven’t got anyone else that could have played there as […]

A Week Of Wolves

The last thing that we looked at was the fact that we had the opportunity to go twelve points clear if we beat Brentford last Wednesday and quite a bit has happened since then as we’ve beaten Real Madrid to a striker, played against a Premier League side with ten men for fifty minutes and […]

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