Everything you need to know about the past, present and future of Non-League football

As April turns to May the football season gets down to the nitty gritty, business end of the season. League campaigns coming to a close, relegation fights and play off places confirmed, etc. Non-League football is no different to its more glamorous counterparts, the lifeblood of some local communities, also enters into its end of […]

Messi 10 or Ronaldo 7?

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Messi 10 or Ronaldo 7? It is a debate which rages on in pubs, clubs, cafes, places of work and anywhere else any football loving fans care to assemble to discuss who in their opinion is the best? Everyone has their own unique opinion on each, I mean that’s what […]

Should the English Premier League have a winter break?

Winter break or no winter break? Are the latest generation of footballers being wrapped up in cotton wool? Why can’t footballers play three times in the same week? These are some of the questions being asked by fans, pundits and coaches all over the land. Football has always been played over the Christmas period in […]

Monday Night Football: Educating the average Joe and the opposition?

Monday Night Football, or as we will call it from here on in, MNF, is the proverbial cherry which sits on top of the cake. The cake being the weekend football from the Premier League, the cherry being an 8pm kick off under the lights to finish the round of fixtures. Before the final game […]

If you are called an assistant referee, try assisting the referee!

Week in week out there seems to be an abundance of decisions which are being talked about long after the games have ended. The standard of refereeing this season has been poor at best. In fact, it’s not just the referees who are making bad decisions but also the linesmen, or assistant referees as they […]

Red Bull gives clubs wings…

When Sheffield FC were formed way back in 1857, they became the first football club to be independent from any school, hospital or other organisation. Other teams soon followed with Notts County being the oldest remaining professional club. These clubs made up from the fabric of communities, towns and such, run by families, businessmen, volunteers […]

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