Depth, Vision and Direction and why the FA has none of it

The English education system was turned on its head in 2014 when the National Curriculum was revamped and relaunched under the rule of Michael Gove’s misfiring leadership. The curriculum became subscribed, dry and bereft of creativity. The maths curriculum in particular in Britain has borrowed aspects from successful international education systems – most prominently, Singapore. […]

Living on the Dreams of Legends: England are victims of unrealistic media expectations

With every major championship comes the same unrealistic expectation from the media that England are ready to win a tournament. Two things are in play here; firstly, the media, and especially newspapers, who lead their support campaigns with statements like ‘Believe’ and ‘Their time has come’ are trying to transmit a positive mindset into the […]

Living on the Dreams of Legends: Are foreign players in the Premier League stopping England win the World Cup?

The short answer to this question is: we don’t know. In the 2016-2017 season, 69.2% of players in the Premier League were foreigners. FA chairman, Greg Dyke, wants to decrease this figure to 60% by ensuring clubs give increased first team action to English players. Steven Gerrard believes fewer foreign players in the league would […]

Living on the Dreams of Legends: Premier League Teams Must Be Courageous and Give Homegrown Players First Team Opportunities

Premier League teams consistently show a lack of courage when it comes to playing young, homegrown players. The best sides in the league have invested millions in developing academy facilities to ensure they are equipped to support player growth to the highest standards. However, Premier League teams do everything right in finding and training young […]

Living on the Dreams of Legends: Do Football Academies Help or Hinder Players?

The cultural mindset of short term, instant success in our society has bled into football academies and prevented England from producing a group of players capable of winning the World Cup. Football academies in England have been overhauled in the last few years with the introduction of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP). The recent […]

Living on the Dreams of Legends: The Money Pit

Money has changed football forever. It swells from the pockets of everyone involved. Revenue of behemoth levels is generated from television broadcast deals, ticket and merchandise sales, and commercial sponsorship. Agents command huge fees for their part in transfers and have deeply vested personal interest in the outcome of negotiations. The players themselves earn huge […]

Football is the Universe

As the shores of the Earth move and the sands of time fall into place, human beings forge their way in the world through glorious diversity. Different religions merge with different beliefs and shape the structure of society and culture. Religion itself is not universal. The Pope leads 1.2 billion Catholics whilst Christianity reaches far […]

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