By Far The Greatest Team

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Author : Stephen Beavon

Just a young football fan who likes to get his opinion across to others. Love Birmingham City, although it is difficult at times.

Paul Robinson: The Warhorse

My footballing world came crumbling down on Thursday 15th February 2018 when Paul Robinson announced his retirement from football. He was known amongst fans as Robbo and that’s what I will continue to call him in this piece. Robbo went on to make a career total of seven-hundred and sixty-three appearances for a total of […]

As We Journey On #1

Before I get into the blog itself, I want you to know¬†a bit¬†of background on me, both related to Birmingham and to football in general. I was born in Birmingham and lived in Birmingham for eighteen months before moving to South Derbyshire due to family reasons, however, I was always brought up in a¬†Brummie¬†way. I’m […]

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