Barcelona star: I picked Manchester United over Arsenal

Ahead of Barcelona’s Champions League game against Manchester City, Gerard Pique has spoken to the press upon his return to Manchester, the city he lived in for three years when playing for United.

Pique has revealed that Arsenal approached him first in 2004 but he made the decision to join United after former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, made him feel more welcome.

“Arsenal approached me first,” Pique revealed. “Then Man united approached me and Sir Alex Ferguson welcomed me with open arms. He took me to dinner with the family.”

Pique had been keen to join his former Barcelona team mate, Cesc Fabregas, but eventually made the decision to go to Manchester instead.

The Spanish International was also asked which Mancunian side he would join now if he had to leave Barcelona.

“What do you think? If I had to chose one it would be United.”

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