Basaksehir-Galatasaray: Analysis With The Statistics

On Saturday, Spor Toto Super League witnessed an amazing and interesting match between Basaksehir and Galatasaray. The result was surprising for all football fans. The home team Basaksehir defeated Galatasaray with 5-1. In this piece, I will try to interpret the match’s statistics.

The first goal was scored by Joseph Attamah in the 24th minute and the scoreboard showed Basaksehir 1-0 GS. Until that minute, the home team tried to have possession. Possession rate was 61,6% vs. 38,4%. As you can understand the figure, Basaksehir had a commanding lead over GS. However, in the details of possession, generally, home team’s defence players touched the ball. Attamah scored the goal from the corner. Set piece helped the home team.

After the goal, the boot was on the other foot. GS started to possess the ball. Until the second goal scored in the 41st minute, possession rate was 34,1% vs. 65,9% with GS’s superiority. However, they had the same problem with Basaksehir. Generally, away team’s defence players and DMC (Fernando) touched the ball. In the 41st minute, Emmanuel Adebayor who had 2,3 possession rate scored the goal.

In the second half, GS kept on possession of the ball. Galatasaray generally passes more directly when they are on the opponent’s pitch. In the 54th minute, Latovlavici assisted and Gomis head the ball. It was an interesting goal. Gomis’s head was surprising. It is difficult to see that kind of goal again on the pitches. In those minutes, GS tried to be effective at the opponent’s flanks.

After the goal, Basaksehir responded with a goal scored by Adebayor again. Just 18 touches and 2 successful dribbles created the goal. The score was 3-1.

GS tried to catch the Basaksehir. They possessed and shot but the penalty was given Basaksehir and the scoreboard showed 4-1 home team’s superiority. The penalty was scored by Adebayor. The experienced forward had hattrick. When we look at the heatmap of both teams’ forwards, it is easily noticed that Adebayor was everywhere and Gomis was typical forward. Adebayor often helped the midfielders.

The decider goal was scored by Kerim Frei. In the 88th minute, he completed double dribbles and shot. The final result was 5-1.


Galatasaray were highly criticised by the press because their football was not appropriate against big teams. However, they play more comfortable against smaller teams. At the end of the season, we may see that they are the champion. The reason why is defeating smaller teams brings the championship.

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