Besiktas-Galatasaray: 2 Different Besiktas

There are two sharp contrasts in football matches. The first side is the teams attacking and the other is the teams playing defensively. The ones possess the ball. The others sit deeper. Especially in Premier League, it is highly possible to watch that kind of matches. Is it bad or good? The football world is locked up. Today, I am going to explain 2 different Besiktas.

Besiktas played against Galatasaray last Saturday. Simply they dominated the match. Galatasaray was ruined, and the scoreboard was showing 3-0 home team’s victory. The away team GS is a poor team this season, so they are hardly criticised by the press and football world. However, this piece is about Besiktas.

We have been watching 2 kinds of Besiktas this season. In Champions League, Besiktas is basically amazing. They have qualified out of the group first. However, in the Spor Toto Super League, they suffered from scoring goals. I am going to sort the reasons why they are so.


Champions League has a different atmosphere. Besiktas is the only representative of Turkey there, so they have a different motivation. In terms of fans, Besiktas hold opponents’ feet to the fire in Vodafone Park.

Besiktas are the champion of Turkish football league for 2 years, so it is possible for them not to give excitement when they play in the Turkish league.

Besiktas’s manager Şenol Gunes lost his assistant Tamer Tuna. He is the manager of Goztepe now. That’s why maybe Besiktas’s training quality level has got lower.

As for my favourite reason is football world’s sharp contrast in terms of tactic. Low-level teams park the bus and high-level teams try to unlock. You know playing defensively is easier than attacking because attack needs creativity. This is the most important word for today’s football. It is not easy to have creativity. Even Manchester City have difficulty to unlock the opponents’ defence. To get to the main point, Besiktas is not good enough to score goals when the opponents park the bus in Spor Toto Super League. In Champions League, Besiktas is more effective because there are only 6 matches. There are same level teams in the group of Besiktas more or less, and every team wanna gain the point to qualify out of the group.


Football is locked in terms of tactic. Possession rates are highly different. Teams suffer from lack of creativity. That’s why, it is very normal to watch two kinds of Besiktas for me.

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