Blaise Matuidi – The Perfect Replacement For Yaya Toure

Ever since the controversies that trailed Yaya Toure’s summer, which saw him trying to engineer a move away from Man City, and his subsequent press release about wanting to stay at City and help the club win the Champions League, several players have been touted as replacements for him. Given his on field performances, the rumors have not abated a bit and various players have been penned as his likely replacement. Today, we will examine another player who could replace Toure at Manchester City.

Blaise Matuidi is a French player who plays for PSG. Aged 27, he signed for the Paris club in 2011 and has amassed 102 appearances so far. He is primarily a central midfielder and is said to be a strong tackler, while also having an eye for passes. He could be a massive hit if he were to sign for Man City, however he signed a four year contract with PSG earlier this year and might not want to switch clubs. However, he might have to consider City as an option, due to not having enough playing time. He can hardly be faulted for this though, as he faces competition from the likes of Marco Verratti, Yohan Cabaye. Javier Pastore, Thiago Motta, for a starting position in the team. Therefore moving to City, if Toure were to leave would be the best for him.

Certainly City could take advantage of the fact that Toure is keen to play for PSG, and allow him to leave with Matuidi heading the other way. This move will be good for City, as Toure is ageing and seems lethargic on pitch. His move will come as a new challenge for him, while City will have a player who still has years ahead of him and could contribute immensely to the objective of the club. It is also good for City as Matuidi could settle down quickly and integrate easily with the team, as Clichy, Mangala and Nasri, who are his countrymen are there. Another way, in which his signing will pay City, will be an improvement in his style of playing. As happened with Toure, he could become more versatile and fluid in his game, and if he were to click right on with Fernando and Fernandinho, expect City’s midfield to become stronger.

The chances of this signing taking place though is quite slime, as both City and PSG are said to have a gentleman’s agreement not to prey on each other’s players and that could cause friction between both clubs. Also City will want to hang on to Toure, as he is one of their star players and losing him won’t bode well for the team in terms of reputation. And City has been offering all their star players long term contracts, tying them down to the club. How long before Toure is offered a contract to see out his career at City? And possibly go the way of Patrick Vieira?

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