Brazilian Championship Roundup: The Scourge of the Brazilian Managerial Change

This midweek we had the 15th round of Brazilian Championship! We can remember the round as one of manager’s dismissal, four at total! But first, let’s talk about our predictions. I hit 6 results of ten. Surprises of the draw of the leader Corinthians against Avai and the defeat of Atletico MG at home against Bahia, then came the dismissal of Roger Machado.

Besides Roger Machado, other two managers lost their position: Doriva at Atletico GO and Pachequinho from Coritiba and Alexandre Gallo from Vitoria. After 15 rounds, Brazilian teams changed incredible 13 times! We had 7 teams that changed once and 3 teams that already changed twice (Atletico GO, Atletico PR and Vitoria). Coincidentally these teams are in the bottom of the table.

This is something that looks like cultural in Brazil. If you think that is a surprise, for us Brazilians, unfortunately, it is “normal”. Brazilian fans want results immediately, after three rounds if the team doesn’t win, the rumblings start that the manager must change. This is one of the roots causes that Brazilian football doesn’t grow in terms of tactics. The managers don’t have time to propose their style, the way he wants the teams to play, so don’t have enough time to train.

This changes of managers can cause other two problems: firstly, why don’t Brazilian managers train big teams at Europe? Do you remember one, maybe two? Think about the Argentinian managers in Europe. Secondly, why the majority of Brazilian players need time to adapt to European football?

Sometimes the players need one season in a smaller team, or sometimes after one or two seasons, they come back to Brazil.

Brazil has football in the blood, have the best players, but as we know the football is different and if Brazilians clubs don’t assimilate that only keeping a coach to have a model of game, to internalise the tactics, we will suffer and maybe one time we will not be more the country of football.


This weekend we will have the 16th round of the Brazilian Championship and matches to keep : Fluminense v Corinthians – Corinthians draw his last two matches and see Gremio only 6 points behind. Two problems at “Timao”, Pablo and Jadson will be in the medical department at least for 1 month.

São Paulo v Gremio – Gremio is still hunting the leader, now only 6 points behind. Sao Paulo is trying to react. After the first win after 8 matches, they will face the best football in Brazil at home.

See below all matches and my predictions:

Vitoria x Chapecoense – draw

Flamengo x Coritiba – Flamengo wins

Santos x Bahia – Santos wins

Fluminense x Corinthians – Fluminense wins

Sport x Palmeiras – Sport wins

Avai x Cruzeiro  – Cruzeiro wins

Atletico MG x Vasco – Atletico MG wins

Atletico PR x Ponte Preta – draw

Atletico GO x Botafogo – draw

Sao Paulo x Gremio – Gremio wins

Next Tuesday we will talk again about Brazilian football week and our predictions for the Brazilian Championship weekend round! Liked? Then follow me on Twitter @mwgremio

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