Brazilian State Championship Finals Preview

And we go to the weekend of state championships finals. Often contested, discussed is their importance, if they occupy the unnecessary time of the Brazilian football calendar, Brazilians are sure to say: “winning the state championship is not good, not winning is worse.” In addition to those comments, you’ll see my guesses of who will be the champion … And then you can charge me!


We will not waste much time talking about the decision of the main state championship in Brazil. After Corinthians’ 3-0 win away from home in the first match, the game has everything to be a party, for confirmation of the title, even with the absence of one of their best players, Rodriguinho. Unfortunately, Ponte Preta once again will see the party of the opponent.

MY BET: Corinthians, 100% sure.


What do you prefer: play midweek on the main continent competition, win and be motivated for a game on Sunday, or have a whole week to rest and train? Flamengo, who played for Libertadores da América, has a draw advantage, having won the first game. But Fluminense, with its young team and enough speed, and his experienced coach Abel Braga, has everything to reverse. A final end without definition, but with favoritism for an experience and advantage of Flamengo.

MY BET: Flamengo, 60% probability


After the first poor game, Atlético-MG, who play at home with a draw advantage, faces rival Cruzeiro. While Atlético-MG tries its 44th title, Cruzeiro looks for its 37th. Final-balanced, but with the advantage of Atletico-MG.

MY BET: Atlético-MG, 60% probability


After controversy throughout the week, we will see if the champion will be won by the surprise and the best championship campaign, Novo Hamburgo, or the tradition of the biggest winner of the gaucho championship, which tries its 7th title in a row, Internacional. The most balanced final in Brazil will, unfortunately, be tainted by political issues, as the game will not be in the home of Novo Hamburgo, but in Caxias do Sul. Even with this adversity, “Nóia”, which has a better and more organized team, has chances of titles. A confrontation of David against Goliath, who this time the “giant” seems not to be so frightener.

MY BET: Novo Hamburgo, 55% probability.

So, you want to charge me for the results? Talk to me on Twitter @mwgremio, I’ll answer you all!

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