Breaking – Chelsea Main Man To Be On The Bench Against Liverpool

With reports confirming that Chelsea’s clash against Liverpool might be Mourinho’s last if the result doesn’t come out favourable, it was all looking gloomy for the Portuguese as there were doubts to whether he would be allowed to appear in the dugout following his dismissal from it the other time. The coach was seen in the stands after the game resumed for the 2nd half at Upton Park last weekend, and it was later revealed that he was banned from returning to the manager’s box after a row with the referee in the officials’ room as a result of a goal-line-influenced disallowed goal in the first half.

Many had seen him not allowed to be in the dugout against Liverpool today as another ban by the F.A was anticipated. His constant rows with officials have already earned him a stadium ban and a 50,000 Pound fine. A hearing concerning his conduct that earned him being sent to the stands against West Ham is set to take place after the Liverpool game. The hearing will only take place if Chelsea win, because a loss might cost him his job before Monday morning. Chelsea have lost 5 out of the opening 10 League games, and further losses will put the Mourinho’s job on the line.

A victory against the visiting team might be far-fetched as the Jurgen Klopp-led side seemed to have picked up inspiration after securing their first win during the week since the arrival of the German. Liverpool have had to settle for 3 consecutive draws since Klopp’s confirmation as coach. They will be seeking for their first League win in as many as 5 games, and it might be coming against Chelsea given the positive atmosphere in the team – to the detriment of Mourinho.

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