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Breaking news – Alexis Sanchez returns for Aston Villa clash

Arsenal could see Chile international and star attacker, Alexis Sanchez, return earlier than proposed as the 26 year-old could be ready for selection against Aston Villa clash this weekend. With the hamstring’s aggravation the Copa America winner picked up against Norwich City last weekend, he was ruled out for 2 to 3 weeks after scans revealed the level of the injury’s seriousness. He was scheduled not to be available until December 21st when the North London side clash against Manchester City, but he has downplayed any injury concerns.

Wenger had declared in a post-match conference after last weekend’s game that the Chilean wasn’t feeling well to play the match, but had insisted he was okay and could manage to play the game. But he had to be withdrawn during the second half after the medical team declared him unfit to carry on when he sustained further knocks. Despite the injury, Sanchez thinks it is just a kick. But the coach says the injury could be muscular and if it is, then it is 2-3 weeks on the sidelines for the skillful winger.

Alexis Sanchez has played all Champions League games and all but one Premier League game thus far this season despite having a short time to rest after the Copa America victory, and the coach had planned to hand him a winter break so as to prevent fatigue. Wenger has come under criticisms for the medical atmosphere of the Gunners’ squad this term with the injuries of almost 13 first team members at different times of the season, and Sanchez’s latest case has heightened things. Fitness coach and expert, who was former Wales’ team doctor, Raymond Verheijen, criticized Wenger thus saying: “Nobody has a magic ball that he can predict everything and be 100 per cent sure. But when you talk about football training there are some principles and there is also logical thinking and common sense.”


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