Breaking News – Arsenal Fans to Boycott Upcoming Premier League Match

Angry Arsenal and Leicester City fans and other supporters from Leeds United have expressed their anger after Premier League matches are rescheduled with only three week notice.

The angry fans condemned the resolution to let Sky Sport reschedule their Premier League match by a day with just about three weeks’ notice.

According to reports, Leicester city fans are preparing to boycott the start of the postponed TV game at Arsenal after it was rescheduled at just 23 days’ notice, with Leeds United fans group planning similar action after the move of their fixture against Middleborough next month too.

Sky Sports stated that March fixtures on Thursday with a surprise addition that Leicester’s trip to Arsenal on February 13 would be moved to midday on February 14. They have also riled Leeds supporters by rescheduling their match against Middleborough that date to Monday, February 15.

Supporters took to social media to protest about the rescheduling, which was named a “disgrace” and led to calls for compensation to be repaid for those who had incurred non-refundable travel expenses.

A Leicester supporters group, called Union FS, recommended boycotting the first five minutes of the game in the protest at the change.

Why? To make a point that without fans, there is no saleable product,” complained the fan group. “Just 22 blokes kicking a ball around on some nicely cut grass. We would encourage Arsenal fans to join us with this, as they graciously did with Bayern Munich fans recently.”

“We appreciate that fans want to watch the game they have paid for, and rightly so, but this is an extraordinary issue and we would ask you to join us and make a one-off stand for all football fans.”

The rescheduling leaves a sold-out away end of 3,016 Foxes supported force rearrange travel plans for a fixture they though was secure in the dairy less than a month ahead after the release of February’s televised games in December.

Meanwhile, the Barclays Premier League have told Sportmail they are speaking to both Arsenal and Leicester after the rescheduled fixture caused fury among supporters.

The stamen read: “We always seek to give fans a minimum of six weeks’ notice of any fixture changes. 

“It is only on extremely rare occasions we don’t meet that aspiration during the normal course of the season.

“We are currently in discussions with Arsenal and Leicester City to see what can be done to help fans affected by this scheduling change.”

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