Breaking news: Arsene Wenger reveals his future plans

Twelve seasons are gone without a Barclays Premier League title, and Arsene Wenger is still patient. Arsenal have been given many names due to their inability to win top flight titles, with Patrice Evra overhead saying that Arsenal is a “training ground” when he convinced his fellow countryman Samir Nasri to leave the club for Manchester city in 2011.

Jose Mourinho exchanged bitter words with Arsene Wenger during his times as the Chelsea coach in the 2014-2015 season. But Arsene Wenger will not quit till June 2017.

Arsenal were closest to winning the BPL title this season, but with only four games remaining, the title race is now a two horse race between Leicester City and Tottenham.

They are already out of all competitions, with Watford eliminating them from the FA cup in March. Barcelona also eliminated them from the UEFA champion’s league at the last 16 stage.

Any football fan will agree with men that Arsenal is the only big team that played like one this season. One wonders what goes wrong at Arsenal, especially towards the end of the season.

They began well, winning every match and producing some of the best displays in football. Today, they are struggling for a top four finish. Their bitterest rivals Tottenham are extremely doing well, and their title charge will see them break the poor record of finishing behind Arsenal for the last 20 years that Arsene Wenger has been in charge.

Poor performance has led to many fans asking for Wenger’s sacking, but the Frenchman says that he will remain at the club till his contract expires in 2017.

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