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Breaking News – Jose Mourinho Sacked, Official Announcement Imminent

If a news report by Australian and Tribal sports group journalist is anything to go by, then it just a matter of when and not if Jose Mourinho will be sacked. The respected Journalist took to his tweeter account @Lou_Sticca to break the news of Jose Mourinho’s sack when he tweeted;

Jose Mourinho sacked

Although there have been many reports of Jose Mourinho sack which have all turned out to be false but none of such reports have come officially from a journalist’s personal account which makes the claim by Lou an interesting one.

Reports earlier last week had claimed Roman Abramovich has told Jose Mourinho he will be sacked if the does not win against Liverpool but while speaking after the defeat to Liverpool, Jose Mourinho was sure of keeping his job claiming he is under no pressure and will have a great weekend.

Should Lou’s sources be right, I doubt anyone will be surprised. Knowing how Roman Abramovich operates, it will not surprise anyone if Mourinho is truly sacked. Hiring and firing a manager is never a hard thing for Abramovich and Jose Mourinho and or his Chelsea players are making the job of the Russian easier with their poor performance.

However, it remains to be seen who will be brought in to replace Mourinho. Ancelotti has been linked to the job but if daily mirror is to be believed, the Italian will be taking a one year break from the game which rules him out. Guus Hiddink, Cappelo, Brendan Rodgers and a host of other names have been linked to the job.

Is sacking Mourinho right?

Personally I would say no. Although Mourinho’s team has been woeful so far this season, I do not think sacking him almost midway through the season makes any sense. It is better to wait till the end of the season to sack him if he is to be sacked at all.

Let’s face it, bringing in a new manager with the same set of players would make little sense. It is obvious Chelsea needs couple of reinforcements and if we are sincere, no big name player will be moving in the January transfer window.

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